Online Games

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PBA Tour Bowling 2001

CONNECTION TYPE: Dial up/Netopia

PBa Bowling requires the DNS of your connection method to be set to The Dreampi DNS: Also when creating an account in the game, use "pass" as the password. More information visit: here

The Next Tetris: Online Edition

CONNECTION TYPE: Dial up/Netopia

The Next Tetris requires the DNS of your connection method to be set to The Dreampi DNS: More information visit: here

ChuChu Rocket!

CONNECTION TYPE: Dial up/Netopia

ChuChu rockect requires the DNS of your connection method to be set to The Dreampi DNS: More information visit: here

Toy Racer


Toy Racer is back online and can be accessed by setting your Dreamcast's DNS to the IP of the server you wish to connect to. At this time Dial up is not working due to the lack of Dreamarena authentication. For a list of servers to connect to go: here

Planet Ring

CONNECTION TYPE: Dial-up modem/Netopia

Planet Ring is back online thanks to IberDC dev team in collaboration with Dreamcast-Talk. To connect, download the boot disc loader here: You must use an official copy of Planet Ring in conjunction with this boot disc. There are also patched Planet Ring iso's out there that will auto connect to the server. Read all about it here

This online only game is comprised of mini games with a party style game play. Dream Dorobo, Ball Bubble, SOAR and Splash. Features an internal messenger system, ranking and leader boards. VoIP support coming soon for supported games.

Quake III Arena

CONNECTION TYPE: BBA & Dial-up modem

This intense FPS game allows you to play online with others and test your skills. This game allows up to 4 players to battle it out online. There are still many servers that still support the Dreamcast game system running today (yes, 2008 still rocks for the DC). There are still yearly tournaments hosted for the Dreamcast online. This is the first successful online FPS game that was ported from the PC to a game console. The only game to eclipse this feat is Unreal Tournament.

To go online, you can use either the built-in server search or you can go to the following links (below):

Dreamcast Talk Q3 Server Master List

Phantasy Star Online

CONNECTION TYPE: BBA & Dial-up modem

This role playing game, with a little relation of a first person shooter, allows you to create your own character and explore different areas on the planet of Ragol. There are three different classes of characters: Rangers, Hunters, and Forces. Each character has its own advantage to leveling up in the game. For example, if you are a hunter you might have better attack power, if you are a ranger you might have better accuracy.

Phantasy Star's offline mode, offers a conspiracy theory. When you first start off in the game, you meet the principal, scientists, and the principals secretary of Pioneer 1. Then behind you would be a green transporter you would warp threw to Pioneer 2. There, is where your missions take place. You may also take on quests in the Guild, which also helps you to figuring out more pieces of the puzzle as to what really could have happened to the departure of the pleasure boat.

The pleasure boat was given the name: The Gran Squall. It was suppose to depart and join Pioneer 1 and 2 together. However, after the departure, there just happened to be a huge explosion. As a result, Pioneer 1 had lost contact with Pioneer 2. Then you are given the job of resolving the conspiracy, it is up to you to find information, and put it together and solve the mystery! As you are running around on the different areas of planet Ragol, you will find messages on the ground that will light up yellow, these messages are put in almost every part of the areas, this is where you are to find most of your information. These messages are left behind by none other than, Red Ringed Rico, who happens to be the principal daughters. She is a big part of the story board.

To learn how to connect to the Dreamcast-Talk Server go here.


CONNECTION TYPE: Dial-up modem/Netopia

Starlancer requires the DNS of your connection method to be set to The Dreampi DNS:

Starlancer is a flight simulation game that feels like a motion picture space battle epic (ala Star Wars). Countries from around the world form an alliance known as the 45th Volunteers Squadron to defend the Earth and solar system. The phrase "defend" is the key in this game as you find yourself always in defense mode. Despite the fact that you are on the defensive, sound mix is bad and the story-line is weak, it does not take away the fact that this game has great graphics as well as great game play from the DC controller.

When playing online, it differs greatly from the offline game play. Some differences include power-ups and a confined arena. One difference between PC and DC is the DC version does not have a cooperative missions mode.


4x4 Evolution

CONNECTION TYPE: Dial-up modem

4x4 Evolution is a racing game with pick-up trucks and SUV's instead of race cars. All vehicles are based on actual trucks by Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and more are included.

Up to 4 players can compete online. There is also a "career" mode where you can buy a "low-end" truck and try to earn money.

How to get Online with 4x4 Evolution


Maximum Pool

CONNECTION TYPE: Dial-up modem

Maximum Pool contains 12 game modes including eight ball, nine ball, rotation, cutthroat, pocket and carom billiards, and snooker (as well as a unique game of Pocket Poker). Be sure that it's the online mode that makes this game a hit. The game graphics, limited music jukebox and repetitious comments from the game. There is virtually no lag online as you face pool hustlers who will take the shirt off your back. You can also face PC players online just like in Quake 3 and PSO.

We have a Maximum Pool Server. You will need to download the Maximum Pool VMU save to get online and see the server.

More Information on the server can be found here.

Online Rankings

Sonic Adventure

To use the world ranking feature of the game simply input the DreamPi DNS in your ISP settings and in game use the "Internet" option in the Main Menu of Sonic Adventure as normal.

You need a Dreampipe BB account to upload rankings. This is needed for username and e-mail since the Sega login once saved to flashrom is now defunct. Registration from Sonic Adventure has been tested and working