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View the latest post Shennmue 3-PS4

Are you happy about Shennmue 3 being PS4 exclusive or are you dissapointed about it not being on Dreamcast?
Let me know with a comment.

This is just me, but I'm dissapointed. It should've been on DC to lay the foundation for what it can be if that makes sense, and also be there with the other two.

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View the latest post Sonic Adventure Windy Valley Beta

I was watching a Sonic Adventure review a few days ago and the person mentioned something that you may find interesting.

You may know of a level in Sonic Adventure called Windy Valley which is playable as Sonic, Tails, and Gamma. The level is mostly linear and isn't all that remarkable if you ask me. If you take a look at early screenshots of the game you might see that the level looks different. It has blue textures and looks a lot larger, in terms of height and alternate pathways. I'll leave a link to the screenshots: https://www.sonicretro.org/wp-content/u ... valley.png https://i.ytimg.com/vi/rAEgLe6PfaU/maxresdefault.jpg The interesting thing as that the second screenshot was al [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Intrepid Izzy

My fellow Dreamcast-talkers,

I posted a silhouette of Senile Team's new game's main character a few days ago, and now it's time for the big reveal!


Intrepid Izzy is a non-linear action adventure platform game (or a "metroidvania" if you will) with beat 'em up and RPG elements. It is developed on PC with HD graphics, but will also be playable on the Dreamcast.

The dreamcast version has scaled-down graphics to match the system's native resolution of 640x480 pixels. Widescreen TV's will be supported via letterboxing.

For more info: Senile Team's website or Intrepid Izzy website

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Rush Rush Rally Reloaded

Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce that Rush Rush Rally Reloaded, the much-requested, enhanced re-release of Rush Rush Rally Racing, is out now! It has all the added features of the WiiWare version, plus some Dreamcast-specific optimisations.

There are two versions, both in limited edition.
We've produced a DVD-case version ourselves, and our French partner is producing a PAL version which is now available for pre-order.

A full description of all the features can be found on the product website, or in the article on the Dreamcast Junkyard.

We worked hard on this release, and in fact we still are, so we all hope you will enjoy it!

And of course thanks to everyone in the Dreamcast-talk community wh [...]

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View the latest post Worms World Party is Back Online!

Join the discussion: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10005

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View the latest post Survival Code. New game for Dreamcast.

https://titangamestudios.com/2016/11/17 ... dreamcast/

Imo it looks very early in development. The graphics and player sprites animation need improving I think.
But there is potential here. Its a turrican/gunlord style game.

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View the latest post Henshin Engine - Pre- orders now open.

https://henshinengine-the-game.backerki ... _preorders

Im gonna preorder when payday comes. Well anyone who wants a copy and missed the kickstarter campaign can now do so.

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