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Welcome to Dreamcast Talk

Established, 2004. is a forum based community all about the Sega Dreamcast. We host Dreamcast game servers and work to revive old online games. Check back for the latest Dreamcast news and coverage for homebrew games.

Join our IRC channel, Planetweb Browsers: pwchat:// Else: on channel dc-talk, or irc:// if you have an IRC client.

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SLaVe showing off with some Dreamcast Controller Gameplay - Comments

A video showing how the Dreamcast controls for SLaVE are completely customizable! This also includes Dreamcast Mouse and Keyboard support.

If this excites your "inner DC" then head over to GoatStore and put in your Preorder: -Impulse


Toy Racer Online Mode Resurrected - Comments

The sequel to Toy Commander: Toy Racer (PAL only release) is now back online thanks to the efforts of Petterk3k and the original developers Frederick Raynal and Frantz Cournil. The No Cliché developers were kind enough to release the original server code which runs on the linux platform. A windows version is in development also. The server software is open to the public and available at Petter3k's website which is dedicated to reviving other offline games:

Dreamcast-Talk will have this running on our dedicated server shortly as long as there are no unforeseen hiccups ;) We will keep you posted and update this topic when the game is hosted (anywhere for that matter). Currently no one seems to have a dedicated setup hosting the game.

Edit: In the interim you can connect to the Dreamcast Brazil Server @ IP:
TCP Port: 2048
UDP Port: 2049


Pcwzrd13's Server
Port: 2048

Video explaining the game and it's features by Pcwzrd13:

Online Gameplay:



New Dreamcast Game Trailers: Hypertension HoD, SLaVE, Elysian Shadows and Ameba

In case you guys haven't already heard, here are a few games that are slated for Dreamcast release in 2015 (or soon after).

Hypertension Harmony of Darkness Demo Developer Preview:
Follow the latest discussion:

New SLaVE Trailer:
For updates visit the discussion topic:

Teaser from Elysian Shadows:
Talk about it here:

Ameba Teaser Trailer:
Discuss the game here:



Dreamcast 15th Anniversary + Game Announcement: SLaVE- Comments

Today is the 15th Anniversary of North American Dreamcast launch, this nostalgic event is one we seem to celebrate most. It's like the birthday of your best friend, and all it wants is to be played more (call me crazy).

Every year we get more exciting announcements on the NA Dreamcast Birthday. A few years back on this day we helped make an unreleased alpha game from a recovered dev box go public ( But this year Isotope Games and Goat Store have an exciting announcement. As many of you heard, Isotope has been touting a retro shooter game for possible PC release. They also teased at the possibility of the game coming to Dreamcast. Today that becomes a reality and Goat Store publishing has opened up limited pre-orders of the game for Dreamcast.

Meet SLaVE. A Retro visual inspired First Person Shooter running on Isotope's infamous 3DGE engine.

Only 484 physical copies of SLaVE will be sold. There will be 400 copies of the limited edition @ $20.84 which includes a mini poster. 84 copies of the "Limited Limited Edition" for $30.84 which will include an extended manual, oversized arcade token and two mini posters. Pre-order your copy today at Goat Store.

Limited Edition Pre-order

Limited Limited Edition Pre-order

Original Press release from and



Elysian Shadows Kickstarter Funded and Pier Solar HD Coming Soon- Comments

Elysian Shadows is successfully funded with 2,282 backers and $185,322 pledged of $150,000 goal. This means we unlocked the stretch goal 'New Game+'.

From ES: "This option will become available to players who have completed the game at least once, allowing certain things such as experience or items to carry over and even allow for certain events to become available that would not be available during the first play through."

As stated on the Kickstarter the game is expected to be completed around December 2015.

On another note, the long awaited Pier Solar HD for Dreamcast and modern platforms is coming soon. They expect to have a release date announced within a month.

From Watermelon Games in an email update: "Hi Everyone, we're really close! PSHD has been in certification rounds and as soon as it's approved we'll have a release date. I'm very hopeful it will be by the end of September ..."



Elysian Shadows ESTk "devkit" Announcement- Comments

-An exciting announcement from team ES as they break $100K!- They plan to include the ESTk toolkit with every copy of Elysian Shadows so you can develop your own Dreamcast (also multi-platform) games! The toolkit will allow you to make user generated content for the game and standalone games that run on the ES engine. ESTk is similar to the Unity game engine which is said to be more user friendly than most other devkits. This should allow anyone with enough dedication to mod ES and make their own unique next gen 2D RPG style games.

Also, the majority of Kickstarter pledges are from Dreamcast pre-orders :) This is exciting news and reminds us that the Dreamcast still holds a special place in gamers heart's.



The Elysian Shadows Kickstarter Campaign Launched!- Comments

EDIT: Elysian Shadows Kickstarter Campaign launched August 1st. Visit to see their announcement video with never seen before features and make your pledge.



Moband Adapter ("Dreamcast Modem To Broadband Replacement") by DC™ @ AssemblerGames - Comments

Dreamcast/DC™ is working on an adapter that is basically an all-in-one PC-DC server that attaches to the Dreamcast in place of a Modem/Broadband adapter. This device would do all the software side network tasks the PC would normally handle. This opens up a lot of possibilities such as homebrew online game development as it would pass the "dial-up stack". It will work with all currently online games because it will act as a 56k modem to the Dreamcast. Ease of use is the largest benefit. For now the device needs to interact with the PC through USB but it is hoped that an Ethernet controller can replace that and allow direct access to the internet without a PC.

Read the original post and continue the discussion @ assmeblergames:



Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness - MGC 2014 HD Trailer - Comments



GameSpy Server Shutdown 5/31/2014 - Comments

GameSpy has announced their game servers are shutting down on May 31, 2014. This will effect the online connectivity of many games, most notably Starlancer for Dreamcast. Server software that emulates the GameSpy server has been developed by former GameSpy employee Luigi Auriemma. The software is available from his website: We will try to implement this software on the dc-talk server to keep Starlancer online and easily accessible through our DNS that's used for Quake III Arena 4x4, Planet Ring, etc.

We will be testing this software within the next two months in preparation for Starlancer going offline. It is our hopes that this server will function similarly to the official GameSpy server for Starlancer and that the transition will easy. As noted over at Online Consoles, this server should work for Starlancer. It seems parts of the server was originally created for use with PBA 2001. We will keep everyone updated with our progress in the topic/comments thread above^

Games Hosted by Gamespy (not all will be effected as it appears major games like ARMA and Borderlands will be transitioned to another host):

-Impulse 3.11.2014

Elysian Shadows Update and Upcoming Kickstarter - Comments

Elysian Shadows the up-and-coming indie game project for the Dreamcast is in the process of prepping for their kickstarter this summer (check back for updates on that). In recent months they've been providing us with amazing updates and even exclusive content for Dreamcast-Talk readers here in this topic: Click that link and subscribe to the topic because that's where all the magic happens

Preview of new area for dc-talk readers to check out:

Elysian Shadows was also on Reddit's Screenshot Saturday as the top rated indie game this past weekend, check it out:

Image Gallery showing off some of the recent graphical improvements to the game engine (from the PC build):

Ooohhh Prettyyyy:

Development Updates - Adventures in Game Development Chapter 23:

We can't thank Falco and the rest of the development team enough for dropping by and taking time out of their busy schedules to provide us with updates! This is our first news post for Elysian Shadows and it's wayyyy long overdue (better late than never, sorry guys )

Check back here for more exciting updates and be sure to follow, like and subscribe:
Like Elysian Shadows on Facebook:
Subscribe to Elysian Shadows on YouTube:
Follow Elysian Shadows on Twitter:
Check out their main website:


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