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Post#131 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:25 pm

Thanks everyone!

mazonemayu wrote:your motivation seems to be ok, since you're writing a new engine and all,

not going to lie, possible money was the only reason why this project was born in the first place. I'd like to make games just for fun, but I'm poor as fuck lol
Although I've realized long ago that expecting profit from a small community is a bit delusional to say the least. So yeah, there are other reasons for me to work on this project.

but wouldn't it be easier to team up with a few folks for a project like this?

from the coding side - definitely no, especially considering that what I'm writing is called "bad code practices" lol (and I do believe that hardcoded solution is better than "generalized" one most of the time). I do plan to use some help regarding artwork (if ICEMBL will be still around) and music, but that's only and only if the game is mostly finished, otherwise I don't want to waste anyone's time asking for that
(unless you're happy with "programmer's art" like "emo Tails" lol)
Another reason why I prefer to work alone is because, as I said, anything might happen IRL. Unfortunately, very little is depended on me (especially if you live in a 3rd world country and have disability), so it is possible that I will suddenly disappear again for some time. That's exactly the reason why I rejected MrMaxxSand's offer as well.

Alright, enough talk, back to work.

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