Ryochan's Linux PC-DC Guide Intro

Linux PC-DC Guide

Written by Ryochan7

This whole portion is solely a disclaimer. Part 1 will be the first part of the actual guide. Some notes in this part might be incorporated into the final guide when it is finished; that is, if it ever gets finished. Another thing to note is that I will write my draft PC-DC server on my blog but the final guide will likely not be split across many posts on my blog. I need to figure out how I want to distribute the guide.

Much of the guide will likely be similar to the PC-DC server guide for NetBSD that I originally used for my own setup: http://ragol.homeunix.net/; the guide has portions for setting up a PC-DC server under Linux but a couple of topics are missing. Since I have been primarily using Ubuntu Linux as my main operating system for the longest time, my guide will be written with Ubuntu Linux in mind but I want to make the guide as generic as possible so that people can use their Linux distribution of choice and have a use for the guide. One other major goal of the guide is for the guide to be easy to understand but to have a fair degree of detail; for an example of what I don't want to happen, check http://www.kinox.org/articles/linuxdc.html.

As I mentioned before, I would like to also make a screencast series based of the content written in the guide. I don't know if I will make the screencast series while I write the written guide or if I will wait until the written guide is completed before I start the screencast series. The screencast series will be a great tool to make the process of making a PC-DC server easier for people. However, based on my experience, it is actually easier to get a PC-DC server working under Linux than it is under Windows; although, there are better guides for setting up a working PC-DC server under Windows.

I should also note that a post about my PC-DC server setup can be found at http://www.dreamcast.onlineconsoles.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=68477#68477.
In addition to that, a little post about using a PC-DC server under a VM can be found at http://www.dreamcast.onlineconsoles.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=73216#73216. I think that is all that I will mention for this part.

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