Dreamcast-Talk Game Servers

Server Offline

Server hostname: dc.dreamcast-talk.com Current IP: (always ping dc.dreamcast-talk.com for current)

We provide the following game servers:

    Phantasy Star Online
    Quake III Arena
    Maximum Pool
    4x4 Evolution

Phantasy Star Online We have a helpful and up to date guide for connecting to our PSO server:
DC-Talk PSO Server Connection guide

Our Phantasy Star Online server is now using Sylverant PSO Server under Affero GPL v3, Copyright 2009-2018 Lawrence Sebald http://sylverant.net

We host a Quake III Arena master list with multiple game types. Get the IP address(dc.dreamcast-talk.com) and check out who's playing now: http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/app.php/page/q3master

View Detailed Server Stats: http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/app.php/page/q3stats
*Updates Twice Daily

Maximum Pool This game is dial up only for Dreamcast, but PC players can also join in the fun. For more information check out the connection guide, or jump right in by downloading the save file to see our server room: MP020415.VMI

4x4 Evolution As of 1/2014 Official server appears to be offline. Thankfully we host a master list and chat server to play on. Visit this page for connection info: 4x4 Evolution Getting Online


We greatly appreciate your donation to our server fund. Your contribution will help us host, maintain, upgrade and cover the cost of associated fees with running these game servers and the website. In the future we hope to be able to offer you even more Dreamcast game servers to play on.

Members who have made monetary contribution:
Bob Dobbs