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View the latest post Attachment(s) Dungeons & Dragons: Knights & Dragons - Final Cut (DreamCast Version)


Pierwolf presents his new project using the OpenBOR engine, but this time it will not be a street fighting game, but rather, the classic recreational game called Dungeons & Dragons. This trained game is very entertaining and addictive as when it came out in its time... This version is exclusively for Sega DreamCast, I have re-edited some concept of the author.


- This version is a hybrid, which includes concept of Demo 1, 2 and the full version
- The screen was set to 4: 3 (320x240)
- Unlocked Road of the Knights
- Unlocked Boss Rush now called DreamCast Arena
- Fixed some aesthetics of the game
- Enabled the cheats option
- New loading logo
- Now using beta version 6.1 of OpenBOR v3.0 cr [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Dreamcast Happy 20th Birthday Thread (North America)

Hey guys, the infamous 9/9 is upon us. The Dreamcast is 2 decades old, even more in Japan. Around this time of year I reminisce about what made me buy a Dreamcast, what first hooked me for life :lol: . This was a time when video game marketing was incredibly cringey (still can be, see Nintendo Direct) and the WWW was barely into most American households... what sold me on the Dreamcast at 11 years old was a VHS promotional tape from Gameshark! Thankfully someone recorded it and uploaded to youtube. I still have the tape all the years later for some reason. How ironic that it came bundled with a PS1 Gameshark (iirc)

To celebrate, the very talented artist zomziekitten created a Sonic/Dreamcast 20th [...]

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View the latest post New 2019 Sega Dreamcast Games - Adam Koralik

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View the latest post QuakeCon 2019 Rizzo Island Booth Montage

Here is a montage of all the people who stopped by our booth at QuakeCon 2019! If you see anyone you know, give them a shoutout!

Thanks to everyone who came and tried out the game!

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View the latest post New Chinese Dreamcast console shells being produced

So this was brought to my attention on reddit the other day, but I didn't think much about it until I took another look. But these are all new, and even have a metal Dreamcast logo, as well as Sega logo on the front. It comes with sheets of stickers too apparently to let you put the correct sticker for your region and revision and model on the bottom side of the console. It is about $76 USD. So far they seem to only be available to the west from Australia on eBay.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/SEGA-Dreamcast ... SwPRFc8S5t


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View the latest post Rizzo ISland Demo v2 is out! New Levels/Enemies!

Hey ya'll!

Just letting you guys know that the new demo for Rizzo Island is out!

The new demo includes:

- New Levels
- New Enemies
- Enhanced lighting
- Enhanced Textures
- Bug Fixes

The one thing we weren't able to get to in time is the save system, so it's been stripped and will be available in another update.

Also, If you are going to QuakeCon July 25th-28th, we will be there in Hall E in booth 148! So stop by if you are in the area, and say if you are from the forums, and I might give you something special!

Here's a link to the itch.io page with the game: https://dreameater-games.itch.io/rizzo-demo-1

Lastly, here is our Patreon if you would like to support us even further: https://www.patreon.com/rizzoisland

Thank you for your support, an [...]

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View the latest post Alice Sisters by OrionSoft is announced!

Alice Sisters : A 2 players co-op platformer in development for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive ! (Dreamcast and PC Steam too)

Posted at OrionSoft facebook page several hours ago.
2 players co-op

That is interesting and i wonder if there will be a way to play alone...
You can check a sample of gameplay video here:

https://www.facebook.com/18408172876364 ... 189202559/

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Dreamcast Sighting: Disney's Amphibia (Season 1, Episode 1b - "Best Fronds")

Disney just premiered a new cartoon on the Disney Channel called Amphibia this month, June 2019. Well check this: At the pawn shop in episode 1b, there is a Dreamcast, a DC controller, a VMU, a copy of Sonic Adventure, another white label Dreamcast game, and Crazy Taxi 2 all on display at the shop! Props to the creators of this episode for the cool Dreamcast reference! Here's a screenshot.
Dreamcast reference in Disney's Amphibia

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