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View the latest post Attachment(s) White room Video preview 3d 3rd persion and fps radmax5.0

I have so far made custom chase cam In the engine and custom sound effects and main model player i have full sound track as well not working correct right now..
It's running on a new version of radquake 5.0 640x480 which lets this over 3 meg map run.. custom menu font and backgrounds..

if you really want to try the preview i will provide a download

Youtube video showing dev build


* Play Information *

A biohazard outbreak at this facility has left the former occupants
in a bad way. Enforcers have been sent in to clean up the mess
but don't get in their way. They aren't on your side and will
attempt to clean you up as well.

This is wip for dreamcast and is based on [...]

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View the latest post Cave Story 2017 build [CDDA][CDI][SB] MUSIC FIXED

Well this was released in a mdf almost no one can burn right here is my made cdi with cdda music now works perfect in this build only thing is you have to remap the keys when you first start or it will not let you start the game i show it in the video
creator https://sourceforge.net/projects/nxdc/files/
Youtube video of it

Yes i suck at the game sorry

Selboot cdi with cdda music for a cdr should work on gdemu i dont know This is cdi packed with winrar to save space and downloading

https://mega.nz/#!j2pnhYoR!BvDybg_JRaw7 ... -H4dhQyVY4
Scene release by me to help people the sourceforge almost never downloads and it's hard to make a cdi with cdda for the normal user

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View the latest post Guardian Heroes Heaven or hell Dreambor NEW game

I have taken guardian heroes warpath mod and edited it to a new game called guardian heroes Heaven or hell..

Were you have to win and beat the warriors of heaven or the warriors of hell it's a complete game each chapter can be won and completed :)
if you chose to battle heaven you carve out a bit of hell for your self it has the ending.. If you battle hell you become an angel of god's warriors
When you challenge hell you even get a npc that fights with you for a level :) i have worked with in the limits of the dreamcasts memory but this has some of the best 2d grafix you will see in a homebrew game on the challenge hell level hope you enjoy:)

Youtube video of battling hell on real hardware
[youtubenew]https:// [...][/youtubenew]

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View the latest post Castlevania chronicles dx (DREAMCAST EDTION) (DREAMBOR) with video

This has never loaded past level 2 now you can play from level 1 to 3 and then 3 to the end of the game.. you do have to do it in 2 go's because it runs out of ram at level 3 which it use to at level 2 so.. but it's now playable for real :) I got the ram loaded with engine down to 5 meg when the game starts it was at 12 meg when it starts :)
This game has real platforming parts boss battles and is one of the best uses of the openbor engine this game is from 2019 :) Welcome to the Dreamcast version that works for the first time More then 2 levles i promised i would get it playable from the demo version i released so here you go lot of work went into the file orders names and level scripts to [...]

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View the latest post Saint Seiya Final Dreambor 6.0 FMV Full game version

- i have got this to work this is not the demo i had before but the final version i had to cut it to only crystal character to get this to load and fix the scripts they would not load on dreamcast it now works has branching story lines it's not in english but we can have some one translate it one time :)
Saint Seiya: Death and Rebirth is a beat'em up in which players control one Only crystal knight of the zodiac in order to embark on an adventure that takes you through dozens of different scenes while facing tons of enemy knights.

The game comes with a story mode that is very similar to those found in mangas and animes and in which you will have to face the dark knights, including Ikki, the Phoe [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Dreambor beta 6 loading fix and shock troopers game Fast loading

good news fix for slow loading from a cdr major speedup

well here is shock troopers openbor game update and a fix for the slow loading on openbor 6 update
you must put an empty pak saying bor.pak
then unpack all the data in bor.pak to a folder on root data etc i had disabled cache loading on beta 6 so here is the fix now loads fast from a cdr
openborbeta6loading fix.png

Selfboot link
https://mega.nz/#!zr4GjIKa!m7ObrZwMlAcx ... wmgd1RaVYo
works fast from a cdr now
Youtube demo on real hardware

(668.18 KiB) Downloaded 344 times

Dreambor beta 6 fork src code

Remember to unpack your bor.pak to data then your good to go

openbor unpak drag drop your bor.pak on paxplode.bat to unpack to data [...]
Bor unpak.rar
(11.25 KiB) Downloaded 265 times

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Beharbros new Dreamcast power supply



Fer all ye tinkerers out thurr :!: According to they FB post they're avail to pre-order. Better shoot them an email

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View the latest post Satazius new dreamcast shmup.


Looks pretty nice. Wondering if it has any improvements over the pc version like armed 7.

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