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View the latest post Alice Sisters by OrionSoft is announced!

Alice Sisters : A 2 players co-op platformer in development for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive ! (Dreamcast and PC Steam too)

Posted at OrionSoft facebook page several hours ago.
2 players co-op

That is interesting and i wonder if there will be a way to play alone...
You can check a sample of gameplay video here:

https://www.facebook.com/18408172876364 ... 189202559/

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Dreamcast Sighting: Disney's Amphibia (Season 1, Episode 1b - "Best Fronds")

Disney just premiered a new cartoon on the Disney Channel called Amphibia this month, June 2019. Well check this: At the pawn shop in episode 1b, there is a Dreamcast, a DC controller, a VMU, a copy of Sonic Adventure, another white label Dreamcast game, and Crazy Taxi 2 all on display at the shop! Props to the creators of this episode for the cool Dreamcast reference! Here's a screenshot.
Dreamcast reference in Disney's Amphibia

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View the latest post Sonic's Birthday Today

Today is Sonic's birthday. For those who are online with their Dreamcast, there is a PSO event where you can play with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles online in the forest.

You need to be on Altimera to play it.

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View the latest post Simon and the Aquatic Mystery

Hello, I'm Sean "Nz17" Robinson. I'm developing a new game for the SEGA Dreamcast and I'd like to invite you along on the journey.

"The Resistance Fighters find enigmatic scrolls which speak of a psychic hidden in the Verboten Territory.
Valerie discovers evidence of a mysterious temple which might help them to rescue her father. However Simon is suspicious of these sudden events. Is there any connection between the psychic and the temple? Their paths will lead them from their hidden base to Great Metropolis to the Verboten Territory and beyond! What will they discover? Join Simon and the Resistance Fighters on an epic journey of action, adventure, romance, mystery, and [...]

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View the latest post Need some help with VFS(Virtual File System) in kallistiOS

Hey guys! I have some problems with creating rom disc like a VFS in kallistiOS. I don't know why, but when size of all files in this VFS exceed approximately 16 mb my game wan't loads, just black screen.

Thank you for attantion. I hope that someone knows what is that problem or may be someone was able to load more than 50 mb of files on rom.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) New Homebrew: Robo-Ninja Climb

Robo-Ninja Climb is a new homebrew game I just ported to Dreamcast. It's a simple action game, guiding Robo-Ninja up through a series of jumps dodging spikes.


I've previously made versions of the game for NES and Atari 2600, and this version uses the NES codebase as a starting point. This is my first Dreamcast homebrew, so I was pretty excited to see my game running on the system!

Let me know if you have comments or feedback!

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View the latest post Retro Gamers : Armed Seven DX Dreamcast Version Gameplay

Retro Gamers wrote:Welcome back friends! This time around we've got a game so hot off the press, it's not even out yet... Armed Seven DX is a Dreamcast game that releases in 2019. Join us as we have a first look at this promising game.

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