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View the latest post Attachment(s) 'Non Casual Encounter - Prologue' is on sale

And this is the officIal website: www.dreamcastencounter.com


This indie visual novel/adventure experience includes an introduction, a preamble; in short: a prologue.

It is not entirely a demo, although it actually functions to showing what the game is like. It is a small original story that serves as a presentation to the real deal, and we consider it worth publishing in retail physical format.

You could say it is like an aperitif before the main course. A funny preface that breaks the fourth wall with the complicity of the player and sets the stage for what will eventually be revealed in the final game.

We know this is a short and cute experience, but we are sure that many Dreamcast fans wish t [...]

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View the latest post Release of Disc 1 for Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen Dreamcast

We were finally able to find the GD-R 1 of Ring: The Legend of Nibelungen Dreamcast, the GD-R 2 had already been released in 2020.
It looks like a re-release but it's not, disc 1 is a first.

We are still missing disc 3 in order to have an optimal gaming experience. It's so frustrating not to have the full game !


Make some noise in order to hopefully exhume it. We absolutely need it !

The article has also been rewritten to highlight this Unreleased as if it was a Castlevania :

https://en.sega-dreamcast-info-games-pr ... nibelungen

Last year, the release is not to my taste. This release of disc 1 allows me to pay tribute to the game as I should have done in 2020.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Shadow Gangs

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View the latest post Captain Commando and the Avengers [DreamBor 7.0][CDR][GDEMU][DS]

Captain Commando and the Avengers by Gabo Hanzo

Made using Dreambor 7.0 from Ian Michael. Now has vmu saving and rumble pack support.
This game has support for 4 players. It runs at 70fps average. It can get hectic with over 8 enemies on screen at once. Gabo went a little overboard with the electric whip women lol. They hurt.

Cover originally created by DCFanatic. I altered it to what it is now.

CDR Download

Code: Select all


Gdemu CDI + Dreamshell ISO (Delete the one you don't need)

Code: Select all


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View the latest post Some new information about the Dreamcast zip drive, the mysterious cancelled accessory from Sega

I was able to speak with someone who worked on the unreleased module project, the Zip Drive Dreamcast.


It is my dream to get my hands on this prototype to conclude my collecting adventure. Nowadays, owning it would be useless but it's the challenge of finding it that I like.

He tells us more about this mysterious accessory, including the reasons for its cancellation.

To read below :

https://en.sega-dreamcast-info-games-pr ... unreleased

Being Swiss, I had contacted Swatch in order to know the progress of the project between the watch company and Sega about a watch connected to the Dreamcast. The archivist had done some research, he only found some contracts.


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View the latest post JoshProd / Pixelheart Latest PAL Close Up Look

Hey guys! If any of you are looking into buying the latest batch of PAL style JoshProd releases, I did a video looking at the contents of each of these games :

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View the latest post The US unreleased version of Shenmue 2 Dreamcast, V0.991, is finally available (Sep 18, 2001 prototype)

The US unreleased version of Shenmue 2 Dreamcast, V0.991, is finally available (Sep 18, 2001 prototype)


Two debug menu are present. They allow many things like teleporting to the place of our choice or choosing the scene to see.

Some differences are present.The translation from Japanese to English is not finished.

Shenmue is much more than a game, it's one of those rare gems that contribute to take players to a new stage of video games. For the first time, the player was immersed in a universe that seemed to be parallel to ours.

I loved exploring this prototype version, especially for a magical title like Shenmue.

We want Shenmue 4 !!!

Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European rel [...]

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