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View the latest post Captain Commando and the Avengers [DreamBor 7.0][CDR][GDEMU][DS]

Captain Commando and the Avengers by Gabo Hanzo

Made using Dreambor 7.0 from Ian Michael. Now has vmu saving and rumble pack support.
This game has support for 4 players. It runs at 70fps average. It can get hectic with over 8 enemies on screen at once. Gabo went a little overboard with the electric whip women lol. They hurt.

Cover originally created by DCFanatic. I altered it to what it is now.

CDR Download

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Gdemu CDI + Dreamshell ISO (Delete the one you don't need)

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View the latest post Some new information about the Dreamcast zip drive, the mysterious cancelled accessory from Sega

I was able to speak with someone who worked on the unreleased module project, the Zip Drive Dreamcast.


It is my dream to get my hands on this prototype to conclude my collecting adventure. Nowadays, owning it would be useless but it's the challenge of finding it that I like.

He tells us more about this mysterious accessory, including the reasons for its cancellation.

To read below :

https://en.sega-dreamcast-info-games-pr ... unreleased

Being Swiss, I had contacted Swatch in order to know the progress of the project between the watch company and Sega about a watch connected to the Dreamcast. The archivist had done some research, he only found some contracts.


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View the latest post JoshProd / Pixelheart Latest PAL Close Up Look

Hey guys! If any of you are looking into buying the latest batch of PAL style JoshProd releases, I did a video looking at the contents of each of these games :

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View the latest post The US unreleased version of Shenmue 2 Dreamcast, V0.991, is finally available (Sep 18, 2001 prototype)

The US unreleased version of Shenmue 2 Dreamcast, V0.991, is finally available (Sep 18, 2001 prototype)


Two debug menu are present. They allow many things like teleporting to the place of our choice or choosing the scene to see.

Some differences are present.The translation from Japanese to English is not finished.

Shenmue is much more than a game, it's one of those rare gems that contribute to take players to a new stage of video games. For the first time, the player was immersed in a universe that seemed to be parallel to ours.

I loved exploring this prototype version, especially for a magical title like Shenmue.

We want Shenmue 4 !!!

Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European rel [...]

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View the latest post SEGA Naomi SDK finally surfaced on yahoo auctions!

https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/au ... 1019551129

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2021年 11月 21日 14時 22分 追加)
CD-ROM 内容:

I do have a fair share of knowledge about this format :)
Even if it's possible to open models, a Naomi SDK would greatly help out reversing the few remaining bits for modding purposes.


If anyone has valuable info regarding this auction buyer [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Xenocider (2021 3D shooter Demo 1 & 2) [CDI]

XENOCIDER (2021) New Dreamcast release :o . Available demos

Hi: I was reviewing this new game that comes from a Spanish production, it is strange to me that no one here has posted almost anything about the game. Xenocider was released in January as I know, nothing like other recent releases, this is a 3D shooter game, the type of work our Dreamcast deserves.
The demos are in CDI format also available out there on the net.


I upload 2 demos in CDI with some covers and special editions

Download: https://mega.nz/file/Wao2EZqD#qsgMObMod ... e2Jox80uO4
Xenocider (2021) [Demo 1].jpg
Xenocider (2021) [Demo 1].jpg (24.54 KiB) Viewed 834 times

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View the latest post Crime Buster OpenBOR Mod [DreamBor 7.0][CDR][GDEMU][DS]

Crime Buster Version 1.0 from Bloodbane. Now using DreamBor 7.0 from Ian Michael with rumble support!

I feel this is the spiritual successor to the original Beats of Rage. It use SNK sprites. Has special powers, dashing, dodging, 5 characters to choose from, more difficult enemy AI. There is an updated 2.5 version thats longer and rearranged that I'm looking into.


Cover credit to DCFanatic I just added DreamBor logo

Big thank you to Ian Michael for fixing a bug that kept drawing water on the pier levels! While helping me he optimized the code more and added the rumble feature creating a new dreambor release. I present new links with his fixes implemented.

CDR Download wit [...]

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View the latest post Beats of Rage OG [DreamBor 6.8][CDR][GDEMU][DS]

The original game from Senile Team that started it all. Made using DreamBor 6.8 from Ian Michael. Now has vmu saving and runs at average 100 fps.


Cover credit to DCFanatic. I just added Dreambor logo.

CDR Download with dummy file

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Gdemu CDI + Dreamshell ISO in one zip no dummy file (delete the one you don't need) FIXED LINK

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