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View the latest post Attachment(s) DreamHHexen [alphaTest1] cdi With video with download


I would like if someone can do a cover back and front for this DreamHHexen
I dont want old one that was used for bero's old port

Long term project this alpha is many builds in over 1 month of work to get
it to run on hardware at all..

It may have problems bugs etc preset controls you might not like
right now you can change them in the option menu..

Saturn fmv intro has been converted to ROQ and the fixed dreamroq player used
At the start it has some slight problem but it clears up to perfect only slight problem
is echo on first few lines.. It's just a buffer i will fix in time it will take on hardware
profile and optimizing to be retail saturn like it's 30fps unlike th [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Castlevania Resurrection (Dreamcast Prototype) Encontrado! [UPDATED Link+Cover]

Querían un Castlevania para Dreamcast ?! Ok,.. Existe!!!

Castlevania Resurrection (Unreleased Prototype - 2021)
Producer: Konami USA & Konami Japan
Director: Norio Takemoto
Art director: Greg Orduyan
Environment artist: Jason Lee Elliot
CGI Director: Jenny Ryu (AKA Jenny Chang)
Music artist: Mark Lindsay

Castlevania Resurrection (US) [Original].png

Castlevania Resurrection (PAL).png

Castlevania Resurrection (USA).png

Castlevania Resurrection (Jp).png

LINK CASTLEVANIA RESURRECTION: https://archive.org/details/castlevania ... o-pack.-7z
Noticias sobre el jueo/News about the game:
https://www.giantbomb.com/castlevania-r ... 030-27615/


Recientemente descubierto el prototipo nunca lanzado!
Hay 5 entornos y una pelea de jefes que corresponden a una etapa del juego. La mayoría de las áreas no se conectan entre sí pero como muestra el víd [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Castlevania Resurrection news..


We finally have the proof thanks to Laurent that a working proto of the game exists.


https://www.sega-dreamcast-info-games-p ... -dreamcast

Sorry the article is in french but to summarise, according to Greg Orduyan, artistic director, the game was canned because of the lack of confidence of Konami in the Dreamcast.

This beta is dated before the E3 and has 5 playable levels (most of them are not connected) that you can select from the start menu (one of them doesn’t load), and there is also a boss fight.

This is a nice overview of what we have missed..
The owner of the GD is not Laurent obviously and he still doesn’t know if there is a possibility that the game might be one day shared or sold..

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View the latest post Sega Model 3

Is possible to port Sega Model 3 arcade games to DC?? As they did with Atomiswave...

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Andro Dunos II - New DC Game 2021

Release: September 2021
Pre-Order from PixelHeart now

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View the latest post New Dreamcast Game: Tristam Island

I saw this posted over at https://dreamcast-news.blogspot.com/ so credit to them for spotting this first.

new game for dreamcast: Tristam Island by Hugo Labrande. It is a downloadable text adventure. Hugo originally made it for windows/macos/linux but when you buy you get access to disc images for 36 different platforms! Dreamcast is one of them.

Minimum price is 3.99 USD or you can pay more if you want to support developer.

developer page for purchase and more info: https://hlabrande.itch.io/tristam-island


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View the latest post Gigantic Army for Sega Dreamcast. Release : April 2021

Gigantic Army Sega Dreamcast [easy mode] 60 FPS

Release : April 2021
Publisher : JoshProd


video: https://twitter.com/knifesuisse/status/ ... 3694654476

Download Gigantic_demo.cdi

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