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View the latest post Attachment(s) Advent Wreath Application For The VMU [HomeBrew]

Hello, Everyone! To celebrate the 24th Anniversary of the Dreamcast's First Launch, as well as the First Day of Advent, I'd like to share this VMU Application with you All! I've tested it on Dream Explorer's Emulator, ElysianVMU, and on actual VMUs. Unfortunately, it's failing to boot at the moment on the latter, due to an issue with (I think) the Header File. I'm working on fixing that now -- I also had some trouble implementing the Pulse Sound Generator and using Interrupts for the Running Clock, which I'll be asking about later {once that Header Issue is sorted.}. In the meantime, Emulator Users please feel free to try it out! The code is available on GitHub, and I'm happy to answer any q [...]

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View the latest post I HAVE a 2Dreams...

Hello family, Im new in this forum.
Sega or DIE. Im very fanatic of SEGA.

I HAVE a 2Dreams...Cast.

Would it be very difficult to port OutRun 2 & 1944 MasterLoop to our beloved Dreamcast?

Best Regards.
Spcial thanks for your work: Pitito, Yzb, Megavolt, etc.

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View the latest post Prototype release for Evil Twin Dreamcast and Jekyll and Hyde (Unreleased)

The memoirs of Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles and Jekyll and Hyde, two games created by the French development studio In Utero.


Former developers of In Utero tell us more about the history and development of these two games by also sharing with us more than a hundred sketches, illustrations, photos and level plans!

I would like to thank them again for their kindness, for their testimonies and for trusting me by sending me their archive including a multitude of conceptual materials.

I also thank all the other members of the Parisian studio for the work done on these 2 titles without forgetting the other games like "Shadow of Zorro" and "Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses". I'm [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) SOMETHING COOL, VOL. 1 - Free Mystery Item from WAVE

Free Game, Demo Disk or collectable that is being released by WAVE for free... (free in the UK - shipping is extra for the rest of the world) I live in the USA so for $5 dollars on a mystery item that is being made in limited quantities for the Dreamcast community I figured why the heck not...

Here is the link to anyone interested... (I would get it sooner then later cause who knows how many they have or going to make)

Here is information on the site

"We have too many stamps!

Since we recently celebrated one year since our first release (Intrepid Izzy) we thought it might be nice to share some love with the community.

The contents of this extra special care package are a closely guarded se [...]

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View the latest post Source Code for MoHo


Release of the code source for MoHo on Dreamcast, PC and PSX.

Moho is a European Dreamcast exclusive. The archive comes from the studio Broadsword Interactive Games which is rarely credited on the Internet.

It could be that Lost Toys (usually credited) directed the art work/content and that Broadsword was mainly in charge of the code.

Thanks to @LemonHaze420_ for his help and for putting the code on Github.

Thanks also to the person sharing them with us.

To download at the bottom of this page :

https://en.sega-dreamcast-info-games-pr ... des-source


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View the latest post Dreams of Mine - A Myst-style Adventure Game from Dreameater Games

Teaser Trailer:

Hey ya'll!

To take my mind off of Rizzo Island, I have started a new game called Dreams of Mine! It will be in the style of Myst, and use Simulant by Kazade as its engine. It will use pre-rendered images to take you through my subconcious and dreamscapes based on real dreams I've had.

In an effort to not repeat the mistakes of Rizzo Island's development, I will be funding this game entirely by myself.

I'll use this thread to keep ya'll updated!

Screenshot of a modeltest:

Level Creation Method:

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Source Code for Red Dog: Superior Firepower Released!


Some pretty awesome news for the community! The source code for Red Dog: Superior Firepower has been released to the public! Unlike a lot of source code "releases", this is not a leak but an official release by the rights owner. Big thanks to Matt Goldbert (the engine programmer) and Argonaut founder Jez San for making this happen! Let's see what the community can do with it! :D


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View the latest post Astro Port Collection

Finally received my copy of the Astro Port collection.

Had a quick go on the four games included:

First thoughts - Gigantic Army looks fun but might become a bit repetitive
Zangeri Warp - enjoyed this more than I was expecting - good fun warping
Satazius Next - graphics don't look that good via VGA - seems quite difficult but will give it a go
Wolflame - much harder than I was expecting.

Price does seem expensive but know sales are much smaller on dreamcast - packaging is nice as per usual.

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