• Dirge Of RamWed Jun 12, 2024 11:16 am
    My Dead or Alive 2 Mod Series Returns With Chapter 47. Re-Energize The Vanilla Timeline With All New Costumes Again!
  • wilito_gg17Mon Jun 10, 2024 10:58 pm
  • Dirge Of RamMon Jun 10, 2024 7:44 am
    Finally New Development on the remake off Gun Survivor from Aydan Watkins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGMbcziXkVg
  • Dirge Of RamMon Jun 10, 2024 4:48 am
    I want the Adidas Jacket that The Hoff worn throughout Baywatch. Not too fussed about the Hawaii Shirts worn though.
  • Ryo_HazukiSun Jun 09, 2024 11:05 am
    Yes, in my region a good quality jacket like this costs around $300. I'm going to buy a unit and have the tiger details made in embroidery.
  • deluxuxSun Jun 09, 2024 9:56 am
    The Insert Coin Hazuki jacket is shit quality and looks like shit
  • deluxuxSun Jun 09, 2024 9:53 am
    An actual leather bomber jacket will cost about $500 but will probably outlive you
  • OatBobSun Jun 09, 2024 9:35 am
    Maybe some sailors would know more about it.
  • Dirge Of RamSun Jun 09, 2024 8:58 am
    Top Gun Jacket that Yu worn during the 90's I don't know. Focus on late 80's Jackets here.
  • Dirge Of RamSun Jun 09, 2024 8:57 am
    Basic Rainproof Brown Jacket, good luck not spending over 100 on the Tiger one.
  • Ryo_HazukiSun Jun 09, 2024 8:02 am
    What is the model of Ryo Hazuki's jacket, would it be an A-2 Bomber?
  • Maztr_0nFri Jun 07, 2024 9:49 pm
    I'm back, but not online yet, GDEMU helps me clear my sorrow that i'm offline though
  • HolstenFri Jun 07, 2024 6:06 pm
    Mechanic´s Quake 3 Custom Map Fragnight in 2 hours 8pm EST.
  • HolstenFri Jun 07, 2024 5:31 pm
    likes this message
    redjeff76 wrote: Fri Jun 07, 2024 11:52 am At this point wouldn't it just be easier to make a forum section called "Dirge Of Ram Rants"?
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 1:54 pm
    Some Cat holding Two Important Dreamcast Prototypes discs hostage for ransom money. As they say "seen it all now". Could be Blue Stinger.
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 1:34 pm
    More about connecting with anyone off you here Today, freely on this Chat here. Even U will grow too find that everything fun use to have doesn't always connect with other selves. Talk Dreamcast but everyone already said everything about it. Baywatch now yeah that something fresh that hasn't got a Video Game attached to it. Nothing I said below connected with yourself so TV wasn't your day in day out like my was.
  • redjeff76Fri Jun 07, 2024 11:52 am
    At this point wouldn't it just be easier to make a forum section called "Dirge Of Ram Rants"?
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 2:52 am
    Disney took away nearly 300 movies that were in development at FOX. Wonder if any them was worth a watch today? Okay maybe not Assassin's Creed 2.
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 2:24 am
    U know what really killed the show for me the second Mr. Eko was gone knew the show turning into garbage trash. Had Andrew Divoff man but nah here's Nikki & Paulo
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 2:19 am
    I didn't even watch last season off Lost. Terry O'Quinn kept me glued with his Kidney plot damn so quotable back then now forgotten it all. Walt & Maggie Grace oh yeah let's just pretend most off it wasn't real.
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 2:09 am
    The Walking Dead recently just to hire up Terry O'Quinn as the Ultimate Big Bad Guy. Oh boy glad just read up on it as saved me watching those Rick Grime "Trilogy Movies"!
  • niZFri Jun 07, 2024 2:06 am
    Yeah I have to agree. A lot of shows and movies today suck
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 2:02 am
    I like them indeed from the past decades off TV Times. Said before shows I enjoyed got cancelled with no endings that what I was giving up on TV altogether.
  • niZFri Jun 07, 2024 2:00 am
    You REALLY like TV shows...or hate them. Hard to tell...
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 1:53 am
    I could talk about many things lost in time. The Predator 2018 we never going get to watch the real Shane Black cut. TMNT 2014 where is William Fichtner as the Shredder cut gone too?! R-Rated version of Mission Impossible 2 like last great thing John Woo did before the Doves got super bored onscreen. Welcome To Raccoon City oh yeah where this R-Rated cut then?! Oldboy 2013 where's real Spike Lee Joint at?! Event Horizon R-Rated cut okay where is it then?! Eyes Wide Shut where's 30 minutes gone?!
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 1:16 am
    Won't ever get another Twin Peaks. Definitely no more shows like Millennium darkest TV show ever yep Disney buried it. Have to lay their dirty fingers all over FOX didn't they? That stupid Rupert Murdoch. No we won't ever get same Baywatch/Nights/Hawaii show ever again. No Angie Harmon stripping down on every Supernatural case again. Cobra Kai like last decade TV I care about Today. If we end up getting ghost CGI Pat Morita over Hilary Swank spin off series oh tell U now yes Hollywood finished.
  • Dirge Of RamFri Jun 07, 2024 1:00 am
    2014 was know as the Year Of The Funeral due to the death off the Expanded Universe. 2015 came along we were gifted R-Rated Power Rangers then Neill Blomkamp's Aliens then Bebop and Rocksteady in a Tank. Would U know that R-Rated Power Rangers series never surfaced. Neill Blomkamp got his Aliens movie destroyed but wait look at comments today "OOO Proto-Queen & Links To Hadley's Hope" WTH?! We went From Michael Bay to Seth Rogen, say no more on that lame TMNT show today.
  • SpleetThu Jun 06, 2024 8:54 am
    I didn't mean to offend. It's just not often a DC-Talk user goes on a seven paragraph tirade about TV; from Baywatch to The Boys, and argues for a Baywatch game to be made thirty years after its hay day. Even when DC was new, Baywatch was waning in popularity. Maybe this kind of eccentricity is what he world needs to push things forward. I'm too boring to argue for anything like this. Though, as a kid I remember wishing there was a Brave Little Toaster game like Gex, maybe. A collectathon.
  • Dirge Of RamThu Jun 06, 2024 6:05 am
    Too The Dreamcast Junkyard Blog at end off this year article should be reporting on Q3 Custom Fragnights, the New Analog Supported Games by Megavolt, RE2 Special Edition Plus, The Naomi Library & the HRCV Tools, Esppiral's DoA2 Remaster & The New 56. Yes you have to play them all U got Six Months to do so!
  • Dirge Of RamThu Jun 06, 2024 5:49 am
    Indeed watched your Q3 video with all the Custom Pictures you were given. Doing my best to get everyone playing my DoA2 mods all over.
  • HolstenThu Jun 06, 2024 3:12 am
    Every Friday 8pm EST. :o
  • MechanicWed Jun 05, 2024 4:02 pm
    What the hell is mechanic talking about? Want to find out just join MECH'S custom map fragnight....BOOM
  • MechanicWed Jun 05, 2024 3:58 pm
    DIRGE OF RAM.. you are so awesome .. I put your loading screen on the most spectacular q3a custom map
  • Dirge Of RamWed Jun 05, 2024 7:27 am
    I was planning on making Cobra Kai outfits for everyone when Season 6 get release next month. U get half off one with Hayate. Ended using Silver Sonic picture as a nod certain Thomas Ian Griffith. You know getting another hundred Cobra Kai pictures wasn't on my list to do last week.
  • Dirge Of RamWed Jun 05, 2024 7:16 am
    Shouldn't need to post up my collection as some of us like to remain private here. I do wish someone can make monthly releases for Sonic Adventure & Shenmue why that not happened yet? I've been Lazy on the Music Department nothing else can add to it. Everything else in the Story Mode gets changed every Chapter.
  • HolstenWed Jun 05, 2024 3:27 am
    I thought he was a bot too for a while. Looked like to me he was posring the same DOA game every week. :lol:
  • Dirge Of RamWed Jun 05, 2024 1:57 am
    Nope & that hurts. If you checked out Shenmue Dojo Livestream host, once a month last night for Shenmue IV. If you read up on new Yu Suzuki interview https://shenmuedojo.com/yu-suzuki-shenm ... -may-2024/ Find out that Yu has Novels fully completed with all answers that most off us waited 25 years to know about. Sure would be happy to purchase the Novels over a Playstation 5.
  • SpleetTue Jun 04, 2024 3:49 pm
    Highly sophisticated if so.
  • SpleetTue Jun 04, 2024 3:49 pm
    Yo.. Is Dirge a bot? Lmao
  • Dirge Of RamTue Jun 04, 2024 1:50 pm
    Rally for the Shenmue Novels on Shenmue Dojo livestream over hour time. Talking Heads talking about the Novels that Yu Suzuki openly said are perfectly available with all questions answered. https://www.youtube.com/@ShenmueDojoVOD

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