Youtube and Google+

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Youtube and Google+

Post#1 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:12 pm

The comments especially become worse, you need Google+ that I DO NOT USE IT. It also load as twice and you can't reply to old comments anymore. What is your word of the anti-Google+?
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Re: Youtube and Google+

Post#2 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:52 pm

The comments especially become worse, you need Google+ that I DO NOT USE IT

Same here, i dont like it at all and i have still not made my mind to create G+ account but i am forced to do it in order to comment and vote.

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Re: Youtube and Google+

Post#3 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:14 pm

Just make a Google+ account and never use it. It takes just a few minutes. You'll be able to post on YouTube, and you'll never even notice you have that Google+ account if you don't actively go to it. Sure, it's a retarded way for Google to artificially inflate their Google+ user base, but it won't kill you...

I've seen it before. Sites change their layout or completely overhaul the way they work, most of the time for the worst, but they won't budge. So either you leave, or you budge. Simple as that.

Nice example is Metacritic. I used to go there almost every day. They completely overhauled the site for the worst. Now you have to click 10 times to get the same result as before the changes, artificially inflating the amount of clicks on the site in the process. They got over 1000 negative comments on the new layout. Metacritic completely ignored those comments. I left.

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Re: Youtube and Google+

Post#4 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:41 pm

It's Google your talking about, and they know their time as a power house internet advertising firm is coming to an end. That is why they've made all of these sudden buyouts of physical technology companies and engineering firms, as other internet service companies slowly squeeze them into irrelevancy. Advertising through YouTube is what generates the bulk of their income at present, but the state of operations hinges dangerously upon the Trans-Pacific Copyright Treaty never passing. If it were to pass you could kiss at least a quarter of the videos on YouTube goodbye overnight, with assurance that a follow-up sweep of non-original copyright infringing content would likely soon follow.

AOL Set the trend for this sort of shift from what you know into something entirely different when they foresaw the end of the dial-up era on the horizon. They wisely invested their entire networth into buying out Time-Warner before their dial-up internet service division completely collapsed. Google is now positioning itself to perform a very similar manuever by going from internet marketing into the fields of military weapons contractor and ISP. Pretty crazy shift.

And now, I don't like how we've been effectively forced into having Google+ accounts. By accepting the terms of Google+ we've locked ourselves into a three-strike violation policy. Meaning if you receive a strike for a policy violation on any of the Google websites/services it's a "global" strike against your account. Once you have accumulated three strikes against your account your account is terminated by Google. Meaning your Gmail, YouTube, whatever, it's all gone. A fact I'm finely attuned to having known someone it happened to and now also having a strike againt my account over the most trivial non-issue on YouTube.

Seriously, if you upload a video to YouTube and they auto-block the video for a "detected copyright violation", DO NOT CONTEST IT! Just quietly delete the video and move on with your life. Doesn't matter if a dozen other people already have the same content up on their channels, doesn't matter if your peaceable in what you say when politely contesting the violation, because no one is going to read your contesting statement! Google will simply auto-slap a strike against your account for daring to contest the auto-block. Is it just? No. Is it fair? Absolutely not. The message they're sending out to all YouTube Channel operators by doing this is effectively:
If you uploaded copyrighted material before a certain date then you can keep it on your channel and we really don't care, but if anyone else tries to upload the same content now they will be punished.
Totally illogical, but same could be said for a lot of the things Google has done over the years.
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