Pioneer amp problem

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Pioneer amp problem

Post#1 » Wed May 11, 2016 4:08 pm

So, just a couple days ago, I bought a nice Pionner stereo amplifier (SA-770), and with it, a double tape deck by Kenwood (KX-69W), two Soundesign duocone stereo speakers and a BSR McDonald record player (5500X) that plays LPs, EPs and SPs. I got two really good LPs, as well (Van Halen II, Escape). I brought it home and set up everything in the basement. The tape deck has a nice feature I call "soft touch", where you don't have to press down hard on the button to make the tape run. That never really bothered me, but it's nice to see that improved on.

So, I set up the two speakers, but I accidentally made it so when I made all of the sound go to one speaker (via the "Balance" slider), it went to the other one. That kind of bothered me, so I switched their places so it would be even. Keep in mind that they were both working perfectly before I did this.

Then, the one on the left stopped outputting sound. Me and my perfectionist self!

Well, let me rephrase that. If I turn up the volume to about the half way point (I usually have it at about 1), I do hear the music that is being emitted from the source, but it's all muffled and sometimes overlapped with static (that's why I don't turn it up more than 2).

It takes that kind of wire that has the little bristles on the end of it, pictured here:

There's also a spot for a second set of speakers, so I tried that, and same thing. The entire left spot doesn't work very well.

I'm almost certain it's the amp, because I tried the speaker that wasn't working very good in the spot where the other one was working perfectly, and it was working perfectly.

The last thing I tried was to plug one speaker into right channel A and the other into right channel B, and then turn both sets on. And then, nothing was being outputted. Zero.

I couldn't find much on the Internet about this, so it would be great if you guys could help me out with this as soon as possible.

Nobody should have to deal with mono sound. Thanks!

UPDATE: Never mind, I fixed it. But my record player is having problems moving to the center of the record. At some point while playing, the stylus just stays there and a small portion of the album is looped over and over again. I don't know why this is, but if somebody could help me with this, that would be great!
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