Epic Mickey (wii)

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Epic Mickey (wii)

Post#1 » Wed Jan 19, 2011 5:01 pm

Typically I try to favor sega releases when i collect video game related crap.

I'm not really a disney fan (other than their origonal version of alice in wonderland), nor a mickey fan. But after playing this game, I'm beyond impressed.

The game has problems (camera control, lack of level saving), but I've heard that it will be the first of 3 games.

I posted a semi-review of it at amazon.

Being that I was so impressed with the game that I started collecting hardware for it, I also did a run down on its paint brush peripheral.

I really enjoyed the bizarre concept of this game in general. Even if it has a limited amount of replay value, I do strongly recommend wii owners to give it a rent.
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