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Japanese Model

Post#1 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:12 am

Recently, I bought a Japanese Dreamcast. The person I bought from told me that it can only play Original Dreamcast discs. At first I was being a little bit skeptic, until I see the images from the seller. Since this is a Japanese model, I couldn't verify that it was made after October 2000 (because of the different info sticker underneath it). And what's weird is that on the front of the console, instead of having a white transparent piece of plastic (like any other Japanese model would), it has the American gray piece. But I still buy it anyway. When the console has arrived, I noticed it was actually a Japanese model and I know that from the AC port behind it (the seller didn't send me an image behind the console). When I finnaly got it to work on my TV, I immediately insert a burned game and test it out. The result is: didn't work. After that, I tried a lot of method such as: burn the games with ImgBurn, DiscJuggler; use the Utopia Boot Disc v1.2, v1.5; tried a Japanese game on it (I haven't but I'm going to do it), and it just didn't work. Help me out guys!

Also, I have to use an additional power brick to lower the electricity that the Dreamcast was taking from 220 Volts to 110 Volts.

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Re: Japanese Model

Post#2 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:05 pm

It might be one of the very few REV 2 consoles that actually doesn't play burned games. REV 2 Dreamcast models' GD ROM drive lacks the external daughterboard underneath and the drive is mounted directly to the motherboard. If yours appears to be a REV 2, chances are you're out of luck and even modifying the bios won't help. Generally people just say all VA2 units don't play burned games, but that's not 100%

If its a REV 0 or 1, the laser probably just needs to be cleaned or adjusted. There are tons of threads and youtube videos covering this.

If its a REV 0 or 1 and that STILL diddn't work lol, it probably has alot of hours played on it and the laser is weak and needs to be replaced.

Hopes this helps

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