Gdemu questions

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Gdemu questions

Post#1 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:58 pm

Hello community,

I recently got a gdemu pro clone and installed it ith a 32g sd card. It seems to work fine most of the time but every now and then their are random in game freezes or rebooting back to the dreamcast main menue where it can no longer read disk. The problem is usually resolved after powering off and restarting but I can happen again quickly or not at all. I have used a paper l to vent from the fan and I have no power mods could this be the problem I am using a sundisk 32gig card fat 32 formated and some times I can play for hours with no Issue so It is not consistant.

Thank you for any help or advice given

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Re: Gdemu questions

Post#2 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:47 pm

Most likely you just need to bend the Pins on the board to connect better. ... mon-fixes/
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Re: Gdemu questions

Post#3 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 9:43 pm

Thank you so much I tried that so far no issues

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