Possible new movie format idea.

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Re: Possible new movie format idea.

Post#21 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:41 pm

Nz17 wrote:Concerning video codecs, what about just porting the already excellent and free, open sourced Ogg Theora, or VP8, or WebM libraries? That way, there's no requirement to reinvent the wheel and it will be cross-platform compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, and other platforms such as anything that runs VLC.

Movie ideas:
https://archive.org/details/The_Boy_In_ ... tic_Bubble
...and other public domain and Creative Commons movies.

That's what I was thinking. If you force VLC to run FuZzCasT videos I can get picture for about a minute with no audio, then no moving picture. Occasionally seeking works for a frame. It's more helpful than nothing but it can be irritating for checking the beginning because a lot of movies have studio credits for about 40 or 50 seconds which means I don't get to see the first scene before VLC konks out. :D

Of course, FuZzCasT videos work in an emulator, but an open codec just adds another easy layer. Not to mention an available codec makes compiling your own Dreamcast video just that much easier. As it is, the big hurdle in Dreamcast videos is proprietary video formats.

A VCD player on DC is capable of playing some MPEG I think, and some of FuZzCasT video, but it stops after about a minute too. Of course, if you burned the FuzZcasT disc you could just play it as is, but I digress.

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