Compare Dreamcast exclusives to other games. Any similarities?

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Compare Dreamcast exclusives to other games. Any similarities?

Post#1 » Wed Jul 21, 2021 1:09 pm

I think Blue Stinger is similar to Dead Rising and Dead Space. More so Dead Rising with the mechanics to drink and eat. The Dead Space similarity would be with the similar monsters. Most people compare Blue Stinger to Resident Evil games but I don't get that vibe. I guess on the Japanese release with the fixed cameras it can have a Resident Evil feel but the behind camera view for the American release doesn't feel like Resident Evil at all to me. And Illbleed to me is similar to Clock Tower 3. Not gameplay wise but it feels like the creepiness or atmosphere is very similar. I know some people have compared Illbleed to Deadly Premonition. Another title that shares similarities is Carrier and Cold Fear. I personally think Cold Fear might be the much better of the two titles even though for it's time Carrier wasn't half bad.

When I was a kid and first played blue stinger the game creeped me out. The monsters at that time were freaky looking but the older I got the game has not aged well. The monsters aren't really creepy now compared to Dead Space. Dead Space is much creepier. That's not me bashing no Blue Stinger. I still enjoy Blue Stinger for what it is but it's more of an Action game than a Horror survival game to me now a days. I will tell you which older games still creep me out. Parts of Illbleed I find unsettling but I like that. I find the music to be creepy at times and the first stage still freaks me out at parts. Also, the original Silent Hill to me is probably the creepiest game I've ever played. I don't think I've ever completed it but I do know that even with it's primitive 3d graphics that it is probably one of the creepiest games I've played. To me graphics don't always make a game scary. It's the environment and the music and sound effects that make it creepy. Another title that I have memories of freaking me out but I haven't played in a while is the suffering. I think it's another silent hill type game that I never completed. In Silent Hill's case I never completed because I got lost but I believe in the suffering I just got freaked out a times and never completed. Just because I didn't complete the games doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them.

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Re: Compare Dreamcast exclusives to other games. Any similarities?

Post#2 » Wed Jul 21, 2021 1:16 pm

I read your entire post.

Comparing Illbreed to Clock Tower 3 is an interesting comparison. I've been curious to play Illbreed, but stayed away from it, because I know that the game, is creepishly disturbing. x_X

I might play it one of these days, but for now, I'll stick with Soul Reaver. :D

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