Tokyo highway challenge 2

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Re: Tokyo highway challenge 2

Post#11 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:43 am

I have played both Tokyo Xtream Racer one and two as they are called here in the US. I liked them but it gets boring driving the same stretch of road over and over. If I recall I beat all the rivals in both games. The second game did add a little bit more road but again you drive the same road over and over. The car selection and graphics are pretty solid. the music/sound gets pretty repetitive too. earning cash to buy new cars and upgrade is a bitch. I found that it was better to race your higher paying rival over and over again to earn money slightly faster. I have played just about every racer on the Dreamcast and I did spend a lot of time playing TXR but I think I enjoyed other more. Hydro Thunder, Metropolitan speed racer and even grand turismo 2 on bleem have more replay value for me. I did buy newer installments of TXR for ps2, but It did not add much so i did not finish them. all in all these games are a must have for racing fans. and I do have to agree that these are not arcade racers, they are more like sims than arcade style racing games. Hitting a wall will cost you greatly, especially in the second game.

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Re: Tokyo highway challenge 2

Post#12 » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:39 pm

picked this up a few days ago.. gonna give it a spin today...

probably would never have considered it if not for this thread...

I did put it in just to confirm it works for about 10 minutes.. so far I like it better than MSR...

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