Petition: SEGA to return to the Home Consumer Hardware BIZ

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Re: Petition: SEGA to return to the Home Consumer Hardware BIZ

Post#11 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:57 am

Sega was my main system since the genesis... Then I got a ps1 instead of the Saturn but the Dreamcast when it launched blew everything out of the water.. Back in around 2003 I went to GameStop they had Dreamcast bundles wrapped in cellophane for 20$ yet the games were around 20 bucks each as well... Wish I had my old 10th anniversary sa2 that is worth hundreds maybe thousands... A lot of the good games for dreamcast sell around $100 a piece on amazon... Crazy.... But loving Sega and dreamcast as much as I do... The pirating is what killed the system (I know I know... I burn backups myself) along with it coming out a mere 6 months ahead of ps2... Sega would be foolish to come back with a new system.. Too many competitors... A lot of young people these days don't even know what the hell a sega Saturn or a Dreamcast even is....

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