Dreamcast G1-ATA IDE Region Free DreamShell - HELP!

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Dreamcast G1-ATA IDE Region Free DreamShell - HELP!

Post#1 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:38 pm

Okay, I need to start this off with: I know enough about computer-type-stuff to get me in trouble, and I'm in trouble. I should also mention that ALL I want to do is have a region free DC without using a boot-disk. I have a copy of Cheats 'N Codes and it is definitely not reliable. Hence, the story below and my plea for help.

I recently purchased a "Dreamcast G1-ATA IDE Region Free DreamShell" from eBay (link to auction below).

http://www.ebay.com/itm/SEGA-DREAMCAST- ... 2749.l2649

It arrived in the mail today, and I realized as I opened the package that I might be in over my head. I see the IDE HDD attached to the DC in the pictures of the auction, but it did not come with an HDD or ribbon cable, which left me scratching my head because I thought it was a part of their console mod. I hooked up the DC and the "DreamShell 2.4" screen came up. It has 2 options. 1. Boot from RAM and 2. Boot from CD. Well, neither works. I then started speculating that I may need to download the most updated version of DreamShell and put it on a HDD... But I don't have a HDD laying around, much less a ribbon cable. In fact, I don't even have a CD-R laying around. How would I even get the DreamShell update on the HDD? Why even have DreamShell 2.4 installed on the console if it can't boot from RAM? Help?

I've watched the seller's pseudo "tutorial" videos, and they are just music and images. I've googled many things and can't find a specific answer to my dilemma. I don't know what I need to do next, but I went ahead and ordered a small HDD, ribbon cable, and CD-R's just in-case. I don't want this purchase to be a waste of money, so I would be VERY grateful if anyone can offer some technical/mental support as I am simply lost at this point.

Thanks for your time!

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