Setting up some more AU DC servers.

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Setting up some more AU DC servers.

Post#1 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:35 pm

hey everyone, seeing got the q3 servers up n running and the host pc has plenty of power to spare just wondering if anyone has info on hosting other games??? would be good to get some more AU based servers going to hopefully drum up some more interest.

please comment on here with info or if don't want it public pm me. i'm not a complete noob and can nut out most stuff but still no pro like u guys getting the servers back up n running for diff games not previously supported. just new back into the dc stuff so not sure where to look to find info for other games n q3 is pretty easy to setup. connection only 25/5mbit n i do use it for alot of other stuff but still should be enough for at lest couple more games seeing dc designed to run off 3kb/s.

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