I can't connect online- PSO

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I can't connect online- PSO

Post#1 » Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:17 am

I can't get online with Phantasy Star Online even though I can with other games and even its website. I've downloaded the patch for it but it still won't work. I always get prompted with a "Connection to the network is lost" screen.

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Re: I can't connect online- PSO

Post#2 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:49 pm

hey deydey whats up. I think i played with you the other day, so you must have figured it out. i was playing on v1 and switched over to v2 and now cant connect. not sure if its from transferring a charachter or what. let me know if you have any ideas from your issues. later.

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