Dreamcast Emulators and Dreamcastlive

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Dreamcast Emulators and Dreamcastlive

Post#1 » Wed May 13, 2020 10:28 am

HI, So I've recently gotten a Raspberry Pi 4 and Put RetroPie on it with a dreamcast Emulator.

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to connect to the DreamcastLive servers via this methord.

I was looking at doing this with my Dreamcast originally bu with the mods i wanted to do (DCHDMI, GDEMU and small internal changes) this seemed massively cheaper.

Does anyone know a way as i'd love to have the option to play some games online again.

Many Thanks


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Re: Dreamcast Emulators and Dreamcastlive

Post#2 » Wed May 13, 2020 11:54 am

You can but it's not recommended as it can cause some extra lag in games, making some of them (like Alien Front Online specifically) basically unplayable. You also can't play ChuChu Rocket as it requires a unique hardware ID to make an account. If you want to play PSO or Quake online, you're better off playing the PC versions which are cross-compatible with Dreamcast.

If you already have a Raspberry Pi, you just need a USB modem and line voltage inducer and you'll be all set to go online with your actual Dreamcast. There's a Raspberry Pi 4 compatible DreamPi image here.
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