New DreamPi user I have a few questions

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New DreamPi user I have a few questions

Post#1 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:15 pm

Hi there!

Just soldered in a new battery into my dreamcast, set up DreamPi and I am ready to play some games online. I have a few questions about some things though.

I've been able to successfully go to google via web browser on my dreamcast using the credentials..
dreampi - DNS
111-1111 phone

Sometimes I have to restart the pi a few times to get both lights functioning. Is that normal?

When I try and get online in Phantasy Star Online, the connection fails after submitting my Username and Password. It is a burnt copy of V1. Do I need a legit retail copy of V2?

Quake III - (This one is my biggest concern) When I go to internet game, it takes me to a screen to set up User, Pwd, DNS etc..
Am I doing this all over again. I get like a connection failed error immediately when I try to dial in.

I can't find a video or guide where anyone goes through step by step for Quake.

Can a DreamPi vet give a new user some pointers?

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Leonard Nimoy
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Re: New DreamPi user I have a few questions

Post#2 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 6:11 pm

Are you using Dreampi 1.7 DLE version from He has a bug fix that may help you address the modem light up issue. If it's failing immediately that could be the problem

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