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Info needed!

Post#1 » Sat Oct 03, 2020 2:39 pm

Hello all! I’ve got a complete DreamPi kit coming soon mainly to get online to play PSO ver.2 Ives EP CDI.

I’ve got a few questions however, I use GDEmu so what exactly is the process to get up and running to start playing properly? I heard you needed boot/swap discs or something with ver.2, and I also had a member tell me before that I needed some kind of patch loaded to my VMU? Then there’s bit of info below I saw on a forum, is this true?

“Just a heads up, I have a similar setup*, if you play PSOv2 online you can't use the GDMenu software to load PSOv2. You will encounter bugs and issues. The anti-cheating protection does not like being booted from any software based off of KallistiOS, which GDMenu is.

You can however boot it directly. So on my GDEMU SD card I have GDMenu #1, and PSOv2 Sylverant #2, and then the rest of the library #3-beyond. I boot the console and as the Dreamcast swirl appears, I hit the GDEMU button to switch to PSOv2 without using GDMenu.”

I’m a complete noob and have never been online via DC before so would appreciate if anyone has got concise answers to my questions??? Thanks!

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