DreamPi 1.1 Released - with Dreamcast Now!

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Re: DreamPi 1.1 Released - with Dreamcast Now!

Post#71 » Sat May 07, 2016 4:45 pm

scaryred24 wrote:
namine207 wrote:I just redownloaded it, and verified the MD5s, this is the correct file for sure. It's the version 1.3 file from Dreamcast Live. I'm using Win32DiskImager to install it to the SD card, and I'm running on a Pi 3 Model B

Edit: Other interesting thing I've noticed, despite the fact that the pi is definitely connected to my local internet, entering the local ip into DC Now doesn't come up with anything. I've verified that it is the correct IP in both my router and the pi itself.

From the way it sounds you have to be troubleshooting your network now rather than playing PSO tonight. Hopefully someone else can chime in because I don't know jack about your issues you are currently having.

Ahh okay, so I seem to be able to connect to games now! But I am definitely not listed on DC Now still, nor am I detectable. But it's all good. I get to play! :3

Edit: Yes!! Got it to work, I found out that apparently Microsoft Edge is not as friendly with DC Now as chrome is, when I switched to chrome it worked like a charm! Now, I'm not sure if I remember this correctly - Do I need the retail Planet Ring disk to play PR online or is it automatically set to connect/is there a selfboot cdi available? Because I'm not sure exactly where my Planet Ring disk is to be honest. XD

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