Review: Crazy Taxi 2

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Review: Crazy Taxi 2

Post#1 » Sun Jul 11, 2021 4:42 pm

Crazy Taxi 2 was a Dreamcast exclusive Arcade style racing game, and the second in the acclaimed Crazy Taxi series. The goal of the game is to pick up customers, and drop them off at their desired destinations while racking up as much fare as possible along the way. You choose one of 4 drivers (Slash, Cinnamon, Hot D, or Iceman), and can free drive over a vast city in search of customers. You only have 60 seconds before a game over, but dont worry! Every time you pick up a customer, or drop one off your time increases. Some customers are further from their destination than others (As indicated by the dollar sign over their head) but they'll give a higher payout.

New to the Crazy Taxi series is the concept of multiple passengers in one car. When you pick one of these customers up (Indicated by a blue glow) they'll payout a huge sum of money! But be careful: If you dont get all of them to their destinations on time you'll get no money at all. Also new to Crazy Taxi 2 is the brand new Crazy Hop! Simply press the X button and your taxi will launch up into the air to avoid traffic, and find hidden areas.

There's also the new Crazy Pyramid. Expanding on the original concept of Crazy Box, you'll have to manuver your way through a large quantity of ever increasing challenges winning rewards as you go (which I wont spoil).

Dont forget the killer soundtrack provided by the Offspring. Tons of great tunes play as your driving through, which were completely removed in rereleases. This makes the Dreamcast version the only way to get the true original experience.

All in all, Crazy Taxi 2 is an incredibly addictive high score romp which is sure to be a great time.
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