Alice's Mom's Rescue

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Alice's Mom's Rescue

Post#1 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:38 am


Gameplay & Story

There’s really not much to tell on the story, a giant raven has captured Alice’s mon and you need to rescue her. Gameplay wise there’s some stuff to do, the levels start out small & easy, but tend to get bigger near the end. This is a puzzle platformer at heart, you run, jump, collect coloured keys to open matching gates, flip switches to open doors and hope you survive. Very easy to get into.

You start out with a life bar of 5 hearts and lose one if an animal touches you, extra hearts are picked up along the way. I have no idea what the gems are for, other than give you a “perfect” at the end of each level, so try collection everything. If you fall on spikes, in water or lava, you die instantly. Chests are pushed around to get onto the higher platforms and so on…

It’s all really classic and basic platforming, but the game is fun.
This is pure old fashioned 80’s arcade fun at its best.


Sprites, sprites, sprites; and who doesn’t love those.Colours are bright, and so is the world, I’m not even sure that it is 16 bit but it all works very well.


Sounds are ok, soundtrack is actually quite good too. Nothing special to say here, again it works.


It’s not a long game, I finished it on my first time through but didn’t get a perfect score in every level so I’ll be going back to get those gems…


Now I know all the above makes it sound simple and childish, and in a way it is, whilst at the same time it is not. Let’s not forget this game was made by one single person and as a first game it is very well executed. It is fast, has good collision detection, jumping feels very natural and so on…

But…what’s more important imho, it that Orion has given us something we’ve been waiting for for a long time: a decent platform engine, this game literally has that Alex Kidd or Wonder Boy feel of days long gone, and THAT is something the Dreamcast scene has been needing for a very long time now. I’m pretty sure we will hear from him again…
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Re: Alice's Mom's Rescue

Post#2 » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:01 am

Nice review maz. I'm still trying to pick this one up!

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