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The Last Guy, PSN

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2009 10:54 pm
by hydroMorphoneMat
summary.. Puzzle type game. Basically your the last savior of sorts from the zombies. Worlds over run by zombies, everyones hiding from them. Basically every level you have to look for people, and they join your group. And you have to get them to the escape zone before time runs out. Theres special 'VIP' people if you get them to escape zone before time runs out you get bonus points. The more people you have unlocks barriers you otherwise can't go through. It also helps to have a lot of people to circle buildings to get them out quicker. theres infared view, to see where people are hiding, but you cant see zombies in that view. button to run faster, and also a button to get your line of people clustered around you so its not a giant line of people. More you use the buttons more you run out of stamina. Theres also 'power-ups' to increase stamina, invisibility & teleport to the escape zone quicker. theres a multitude of zombies, some like the purple one's stick to the roads and are only triggered by large groups of people. Bug ones stick to the road like their traffic and you have to time it, some bug ones chase you also. Then theres one's like a giant hole in the ground mouth zombies that make a loud rumble every so often and scare your people off into buildings again.
controls.. Very straight forward, easy to grasp. Sometimes it difficult if you dont focus for a moment to tell where you are especially if you dont have a group of people... I find that happens just because your playing more on a satellite image of a city. Which actually makes the game that much cooler I think. It also takes away, as you progress and play in more eastern cities where its tight packed its hard to tell where you can and cant go.

overall this game goes from really easy to really hard without a notice but either way it'll have you trying to get passed that one stage for days to come.. fun.
No PSN trophy support, no online feature
if PSN has a sale still, it runs about 5 $