Art Games Online as the New Trend to Future Designers

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Art Games Online as the New Trend to Future Designers

Post#1 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:45 pm

Art is one of the most creative endeavors of our kind, which makes it sound like one of the most interesting things too. For the most part, it is. However, the designers of the future, undergoing a number of boring lessons, might disagree. But once again, games emerge as the savior of those looking for some fun. Art games seem like the latest trend for designers to learn and play at the same time. There has been a recent surge in games that help graphic designers in perfecting their concepts of graphic designing while playing fun games.

How Art Games Help

Theoretical knowledge is a must while learning any skill. But in any skill, theoretical knowledge is often boring and relies a lot on memorizing stuff. Practical knowledge, while being fun and giving experience, is not always feasible. Games, however, stand exactly in the middle. While they do give a chance for aspiring designers to test new concepts, they do so virtually and hence cost nothing.
It is also known that it is easier to learn something new when it is done via an entertaining medium. What could be more entertaining than games? Art games also serve as a canvas for designers to test new concepts and explore the horizon of their imagination.
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Games to Rescue Future Designers

Fortunately, there are a lot of games that could help graphic designers in their endeavors:

The Bézier Game

The Bézier Game deals with one of the most integral components of graphics designing: using a pen tool. People often have trouble handling pen and connecting nodes in figures. The Bézier Game will help you in practice to use the pen tool on various shapes.

The Bézier Game will help you in practice to use the pen tool.


Graphic designers need to deal with pixels instead of conventional measurement metrics, and it could be pretty confusing. To help aspiring designers getting used to it, Pixactly comes to the rescue. It asks you to draw a box of the given dimension (in pixels) and then tells you how far or close you were. With time, you will get used to the new unit.

This game is to help aspiring designers getting used to pixels.

Kern Type

Kerning is a very common issue that designers face, and they are constantly trying to fix it. But without the proper understanding of kerning, they would be just shooting in the dark. Kern Type is a cool game that allows you to practice adjusting the space between letters. It then scores you depending on how well you did. With time, you will find yourself a master of kerning.
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Kerning is a very common issue that designers face.

Something you can find every designer complaining about is the color codes. Unlike the names we use in regular life, graphic designers deal with 6-bit HEX codes. They are easy to categories but extremely hard to remember. What The HEX is a cool game that tries to change this. From multiple colors, you need to find the color that matches the given HEX code. With time, you will start seeing the pattern.
The path for the future designers may still be hard and complicated, but these games would surely serve to make things little easier for them. Wait no longer and try out more top online games for free at Manti Games now.
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Re: Dreamcast talk

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Re: Dreamcast talk

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This is where DREAMCAST people go to TALK about things realated to the Sega Dreamcast console.
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