[USB GDROM] Troubleshooting & Firmware updates

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Re: [USB GDROM] Troubleshooting & Firmware updates

Post#31 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:53 pm

FlorreW wrote:
RetrogamerX wrote:
I'm on that firmware as well and it's been flawless. I have tested loads of GDI's and CDI's and everyone has worked perfect for me. No issues at all. Did you disable the 12v rail? I replaced my whole PSU to DreamPSU. My Dreamcast is cold even after running 3 hours straight.

How's is going now after resetting?

Hi there RetrogamerX ! With the new firmware it is working as intended , perfect so far. Have to try it out for a longer period of time to see if the "resetting" is still there but i havent got time to try it out yet.

Disable the 12v rail , i guess you mean on the Dreampsu (the original dont have 12v right =p) . No i havent , should i and if so , why ?

Best regards Florian :P

There's a cheap resistor you can add to the 12v rail which reduces heat since the USB-GDRom drive no longer pulls current from that rail.

Refer to the first page on this guide and you'll see a guide on how this is accomplished. Its easy to do. :)

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Re: [USB GDROM] Troubleshooting & Firmware updates

Post#32 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:20 pm

Yes the resistor trick does the job well.
I also applied the resistor.


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