Linux n00b - DreamPi doesn't run script (error 98)

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Linux n00b - DreamPi doesn't run script (error 98)

Post#1 » Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:25 pm

Hi! I'm Duchess May. I just got a Dreamcast again after years, and needed to pick up a copy of PSO Ver 2 (of course), and the game is still so much fun! I saw somebody on YouTube streaming in the recent past that came up on my recommended videos (it was UGB's videos) and just HAD to get back online with PSO... With all the time and money I've spent acquiring soldering, Raspberry Pi, cables, usb modem, blah blah, I probably could have just got the BBA since I just wanted to play PSO online.

But anyway, I created my LVI and it works fine. I did have an issue with it where both my Windows 10 PC and Dreamcast said there was no dialtone, but I had fixed that and now it just says there is no answer at 111-1111, so that's great!

However, I'm having issues with the DreamPi not talking. I have a Raspberry Pi-compatible USB modem... both lights turn on and that's all good, but it looks like I may have a networking issue?

I have no idea how to use Linux whatsoever and I have never looked at a Python script before... never had to, as my job is Windows/C#/MVC for corporate software. So I'm trying to reach out here, and after searching, found the command 'sudo ./ --no-daemon' and executed it. I've taken a screenshot of the DreamPi error and hoping somebody could help.

I can get online at, but I have to type my IP Address manually ( local).

Thank you and hope to get on soon!
DreamPi ErrNo 98

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