Dreamcast dusty electrical / burning smell

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Dreamcast dusty electrical / burning smell

Post#1 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:10 pm


Just wondering if anyone else has come across this.

Bought my first Dreamcast off eBay recently and Im getting a weird smell off of it.

Hard to describe, kind of like a musty or dusty electrical smell, not quite burning.

I've opened it and given a good clean out and it hasnt made much of a difference and I cant quite pin point where exactly its coming from.. tho I suspect its the transformer on the power supply.

Its not overly noticeable either, its only when its been running for awhile I can get it and even then I have to have my nose close up to the vents to really smell it.

Im not too concerned (Electrical engineer) its not getting hot and theres 3 fuses across the power supply so if anything does pop it should be them.. just wondering if anyone else has come across this and was it the power supply that was the cause?

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