Dreamcast Capacitor Replacement

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Dreamcast Capacitor Replacement

Post#1 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:19 pm

I want to replace my Dreamcast capacitors. Just want to make sure I am going to be using the right ones.
My Dreamcast is aging and I would like to make sure it continues to last for a long time. I am thinking about replacing the capacitors and don't mind spending a little extra money to get capacitors that won't leak and damage the electronics in the future.

I was thinking about using Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors because the electrolyte is solid and cannot leak if there is a failure. I have compiled a list from some sources and hope that the capacitors I am wanting to use are the correct ones. Is there anyone out there that might be able to look over the list and give me their opinion? I might be way off and the diameter of the caps could even be the wrong size. Any help would be appreciated.

IC BD KATANA MAIN VA1 837-13778 Manufacturer Part Number
CE103 47uF 16v 16SVPG47M
CE301 10uF 16v 20SVPA10M
CE302 10uF 16v 20SVPA10M
CE303 10uF 10v BP/(non-polarized) UUP1A100MCL1GS standard liquid electrolytic
CE304 10uF 10v BP/(non-polarized) UUP1A100MCL1GS standard liquid electrolytic
CE305 22uF 6.3v 6SVPS22M
CE306 22uF 6.3v 6SVPS22M
CE307 100uF 16v 16SVPK100M
CE308 47uF 16v 16SVPG47M
CE309 4.7uF 35v EEE-FK1V4R7R standard liquid electrolytic
CE310 10uF 16v 20SVPA10M
CE401 220uF 6.3v 6SVPC220MV
CE403 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY
CE503 47uF 25v 25SVPF47M
CE601 47uF 6.3v 6SVPS47M

PCB #2
C10 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY
C14 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY
C17 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY
C20 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY
C61 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY
C127 47uF 6.3v 6SVPS47M
C203 47uF 6.3v 6SVPS47M
C205 47uF 6.3v 6SVPS47M
C509 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY
C511 100uF 6.3v 6SVPC100MY

Controller PCB
47uF 16v 16SVPG47M​

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