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TOY RACER - No Cliche' Information

Post#1 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 4:58 am

Hey guys, I'm working on rebuilding the Toy Racer website, but we only have a single screenshot of the site to show what information it used to carry. As a screengrab I can only guess as to what the links in the top left bar relate to, but the main options in the centre of the screen are pretty clear.



Of all of these, the one I'm struggling with is finding ANY Charity Info for Toy Racer. The most information after half an hour of searching Google was that £1 of the £5 game cost went to charity. No mention of what charity across Toy Racer or No Cliche' pages, through Sega Retro, Wikipedia, multiple reviews from the year 2000... I'm a bit stuck. I can leave a placeholder there, but it would be nice to be able to write something of the charity organisation the game originally donated to.

Even just the name of the organisation would be a big help, but any specifics on the donation history and connection between the charity and No Cliche would be good too.

Thanks guys for the support. Just an FYI the main page and Rankings pages are both fully functional, Upload page exists but isn't fully connected yet (I need Jial for that). The Hints pages are easy enough, as it's likely a digital version of information from the manual.

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