Question about GDEMU resistor + airflow + trays

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Re: Question about GDEMU resistor + airflow + trays

Post#11 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:27 pm

i did nothing special to my dreamcast or the 12v pins. i just took out the drive, put in the gdemu and closed it up. i was worried about heat also when i got it but even with the stock fan it seems just fine, just dont block your vents. i ordered a 3d printed tray but it wasnt even the right size because i had a clone and something was just a little off, if you just want something to look nice id go with one of the extender cables and a tray that sits up higher flush with the dc shell, though i havent tried one.

- edit - the tray even if its a recessed one would be nice to have simply in the event you drop your sd card when trying to put it in or take it out. it has happened to me and i had to fish around to find it but so far it hasnt been much of a problem

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Re: Question about GDEMU resistor + airflow + trays

Post#12 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:45 pm

Don't forget the thermal pads!!! viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11066&p=114272&hilit=thermal+pads#p114272

I have new thermal pads, gdemu clone, picopsu and It doesn't get hot at all. no fan needed. I also unplug my VMU speakers, no beep. Went from the noisiest most unreliable console to solid state and silent. No 3D printed tray, Just pop the top off, 3-4 micro sd cards in a plastic case tucked under the gdemu. Got some free space, almost enough room to cram a pi zero inside. And don't forget an SDcard-Serial with DreamShell for VMU backups and tools.
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Re: Question about GDEMU resistor + airflow + trays

Post#13 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:55 pm

areyareadyherewego wrote:
Anthony817 wrote:I have it so long to act as both support and to better redirect the air. Less air leakage and it won't fall over.

I have to ask since your avatar is half life, is the DC version you're favorite or have you played the ps2 one?

was watching digital foundry comparisons and found it fascinating! with gdemu are load times tolerable?

DC version is my favorite, and yes played the PS2 version, I have that installed on my Jailbroke PS3. With GDEMU Soldier of Fortune loads levels in around 10-20 seconds vs 2.5 mins. Half-Life is around 10 seconds vs 15 second load times. SOF is notoriously the slowest loading game on the system, despite being a good game it was unplayable for me because of the long load times. This mood not only speeds it up, but also speeds up Half-Life which comparably is not all that bad at all really normally all things considered.

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Re: Question about GDEMU resistor + airflow + trays

Post#14 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:57 pm

Air needs to circulate, isolating the air inlet from the air outlet is a primary cooling error these vents need to communicate to exchange air with the outside environment.Here is my solution for overheating, for anyone who wants to test: ... ation.html

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