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upgrading router question

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 7:42 am
by ncman071
so i have a "new" router/modem combo for my dsl connection that my isp sent me probably over a year ago matter how many time i've tried, i cant get two lights on the dreamcast usb modem when i've tried setting up this router.

question is, is there anything i should do to the dreampi itself when setting up a new network/router? do i need to reflash the image? (done that too but could try again)

the settings within the router are not as simple as the router i currently use (westell 7500).

any help would be greatly appreciated.....and yea i'm on the verge of purchasing my own router and modem seperately.

Also, if anyone here is using Centurylink DSL isp, please let me know what router/modem you are using....

thanks guys