GD-ROM Laser Pot Lowest Ohms Possible to Make it Read Again?

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GD-ROM Laser Pot Lowest Ohms Possible to Make it Read Again?

Post#1 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 7:26 am

Hi. My GD-ROM's laser is moving back and forth and up and down and I can see the laser light up (using the cardboard core of a spent paper towel roll to block ambient light) and it reseat when powered ON. It doesn't read the dreamcast disks (no deep scratches scratches, almost pristine) but on my best working DC, it does.

The reading the multi-tester ohm meter, the original reading for this laser 1427 ohms. I've tried around 600 ohm and 775ohms. If you could measure your ohms on your working DCs (those that were calibrated), what ohms does it say? What other ohm value should I try. Should I try going counter clockwise, higher than the original 1427 ohms?

The DC unit is Rev. 0 (with the heatpipes) but the back and forth mother and the laser unit is from a NTSC, Rev. 1.

I've been trying to revive it for two weeks now, on and off.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: GD-ROM Laser Pot Lowest Ohms Possible to Make it Read Again?

Post#2 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:11 am

This is not the correct procedure. U have doubeled the current to the laser diode, going around 600 ohm... And probabily the laser is dead. There ara a lot of factor to have a correct reading from gdrom disk. (Spin, intensity of the laser, errors recover by the electronics to bypass the bad readings. Ecc ecc ecc. Tryng to rotate the potentiometer, is not the way. You should replace the laser or entire optic unity.

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