black screen at startup

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black screen at startup

Post#1 » Mon Jan 03, 2022 6:30 am


I'm asking for your help because I have the same problem of black screen with 2 dreamcast.
When the console starts, I have no image or sound, I have a black screen. One of the consoles is equipped with a gdmem and a pico-psu and the other is not modified.
I have of course tried several rgb cables.

I guess the problem is with the motherboard. Does anyone have a better idea of what component would be at fault ?

Thank's for your help.

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Re: black screen at startup

Post#2 » Mon Jan 03, 2022 12:38 pm

Can you hear the fan run did the gdemu have cut connector did it get bumped and move and fry it.. try a normal rca cable as well seems if you got 2 with the same problem it seems like cable ..

Can you hear any of the fans running non modded one put a real game in and listen if the gdrom drive makes any sounds is it spinning.. etc.. Dreamcast is super robust..

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Re: black screen at startup

Post#3 » Mon Jan 03, 2022 12:52 pm

The fan runs smoothly.
Originally I thought that the problem on one of my 2 dreamcast could come from the gdemu but after ordering and receiving a new gdemu clone, the problem persists.
The problem does not come from the cables either, they all work fine, they were tested on an unmodified dreamcast jap and nothing to report.
When I reconnect the optical drive and put a gdrom, the console recognizes it and it starts to run, however I have no display on the vmu screen.
I am 99% sure that the problem is with the motherboard. I am reading more and more testimonials similar to mine but so far no one has been able to identify the source of the problem.
I ordered a new motherboard on ebay from China, I will see but I would have preferred to replace the defective component.

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