Proper Config Testing 2015

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Proper Config Testing 2015

Post#1 » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:01 am

Hey guys,

I finally made a working image of DCDoom, with ALOT of extra wads. I sent it to impulse to upload somewhere, maybe he'll reply here with the link when he does. And if anyone wants it they can PM me for the link

But I spent an hour or two tonight trying to get this to work correctly with another player. But we get the error "gethostbyname: couldn't find". I"m not sure why that is, so i was wondering if there was anyone else here that knows, or wants to help test this to figure out a working config for everyone

If impulse hosts the image and we get a working config, then we can all play this and the many mods on the disc. Which would be pretty great
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