Golden Axe: Legend (DreamCast Version)

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Re: Golden Axe: Legend (DreamCast Version)

Post#21 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:30 am

I think it's not unusual to not want to install rando .exe files on an expensive PC setup and risk losing business data. I don't have to open CDI files, just burn them to a CD. Could be a lack of knowledge on my part, but exe files require opening and allow for installation of some kind. I just won't risk that kind of access to my PC.

My response here, despite what you might think, wasn't to be a dick. It was a suggestion because I'm unlikely to be the only person who feels that way (my posts got some thumbs up/thanks which might suggest so), and when Ripfire stated he was happy with his delivery method I stepped back as that's his perogative and his decision and didn't want to derail the topic now a conclusion to that discussion had been reached.

I didn't write an epistle, and I did say "Ok I don't want it then", so climb down from your high horse mate and let the topic return to its intended purpose.

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