DV Icy, The Dreamcast VMU Icon Viewer and Converter

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DV Icy, The Dreamcast VMU Icon Viewer and Converter

Post#1 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:30 pm

This application is "DV Icy," a Dreamcast VMU icon viewer and converter. The app is written in the C++ programming language and uses the SDL 1.2 libraries. It was compiled using g++ (GCC) and Dev-C++.

This post contains an overview of the DV Icy program.

The newest as of this post is ver. 0.8. You can download the program's files individually or you can just download the .zip file and extract everything from that.

https://www.nz17.com/interactive/dreamc ... converter/

1} Display the data from a dedicated VMU icon file (ICONDATA_VMS)
1-1} Display the ICONDATA_VMS's name or description
1-2} Display the ICONDATA_VMS's black-and-clear icon (the one that appears on the screen of the VMU itself) on the terminal (the command line or command prompt)
1-3} Display the ICONDATA_VMS's black-and-clear icon in a dedicated window
1-4} Display the ICONDATA_VMS's color icon (the one that appears on the screen of the television or monitor connected to the Dreamcast) in a dedicated window
1-5} Display the ICONDATA_VMS's color icon as a black-and-white icon on the terminal (console / command line)
2} Help documentation is included within the executable
2-1} Display the help info with the -h argument, e.g. "DV_Icy-Dreamcast_VMU_Icon_Viewer_and_Converter -h"
2-2} Display the version number with the -v argument

Please note that the program will display the chosen icon in a dedicated window for 1 second and then automatically quit. This is by design as this is a simple program and I didn't want to code a more sophisticated user interface. As this program is open source, please feel free to make modifications if you choose.

Arguments and Usage
Usage: dv_icy-dreamcast_vmu_icon_viewer_and_converter [options] [file]
-b, --printb Print the black-and-clear icon to standard output
-B, --displayb Display the black-and-clear icon on the screen
-c, --printc Print the color icon (in black-and-white) to standard
-C, --displayc Display the color icon on the screen
-h, --help Print this help message
-v, --version Print the version number

Not Yet Implemented
The program can currently only be used to view the icons of stand-alone VMU icon files (the ICONDATA_VMS files). Yet it is hoped that one day it will also display the icons from save files from games (such as the files that contain the player's progress in games such as Sonic Adventure 2) or DLC files (such as the Sonic Adventure 2 DLC files for changing the voices used for the menus).

One limitation is that DV Icy can only show icons for those files that store the icons in the default icon locations (hex address offsets). If the files store their icons in non-default locations, then they won't be displayed by the program.

Another limitation of DV Icy is that it can't show animated icons yet.

DV Icy's PNG image conversion functions have yet to be implemented. These would allow the converting of PNG files to VMU icons and vice versa.

The Origin of the Program's Name
The name "DV Icy" is derived from the letters in the full name of the program which are (D)reamcast (V)MU (I)con Viewer and (C)onverter, thus spelling D.V. I.C. Since I.C. sounds like "icy," the name of the program is "DV Icy." And, you know, "icy" sounds "cool..." literally. ;-)

For an incomplete history of the program and the changes which have occurred to it over time, please see changelog.txt.

Extra Fun
Associate the DV Icy program as the default program for opening .VMS files within your O.S. (such as Windows). If you set it this way, then double-clicking the .VMS files should automatically open them for viewing.

Sean "Nz17" Robinson
Nz17 Productions

GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (or later); please see "agpl-3.0.txt" for details.

Special Thanks
  • Marcus Comstedt for the valuable information about Dreamcast VMU icon data with which this app is possible
  • Dreamcast-Talk.com for being an awesome community
  • Bluecrab, Kazade, N-A, PCWzrd13, petter3k, and Shuouma for creating cool software and bringing many Dreamcast games back online as well as for being great members of the community that promote playing the Dreamcast whether online or offline
  1. New Dreamcast game in development: Simon and the Aquatic Mystery (pre-alpha)
  2. New utility: DV Icy, the Dreamcast VMU Icon Viewer and Converter (0.8)
  3. Support Nz17 Productions on Patreon to help finance new software for Dreamcast!

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Re: DV Icy, The Dreamcast VMU Icon Viewer and Converter

Post#2 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:52 pm

Hi, nice work :) it's allways coo,l to see new, developer's carin,g about the dreamcast..

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