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Re: Metal slug aes4all

Post#11 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:08 am

Ian Micheal wrote:I can fix that i will send you edited version that works
your romset has a readme file in that will make it not work removed that from the romset

Here is fixed romrc

CPU = 5120 KBytes, chksum=0x196C04B5

BIOS = 128 KBytes, chksum=0x17B6D5F

SFIXG = 512 KBytes, chksum=0x3FD0883

SFIXB = 128 KBytes, chksum=0xD1B967

SM1 = 512 KBytes, chksum=0x5CE8A06

SOUND1 = 16384 KBytes, chksum=0x6A3C84A1


GFX = 65536 KBytes, chksum=0xFE495DAB

NG_LO = 64 KBytes, chksum=0xBE8040

FUSAB = 4 KBytes, chksum=0x7A076

FUSAG = 16 KBytes, chksum=0x3FC000

PEN = 508 KBytes, chksum=0x0

Writing fast prefetch file 'C:\Users\dogbox2\Desktop\dreamcast\aes4all-beta4-fix\windows\convertneo\mslug3.prf'

Saved as 'C:\Users\dogbox2\Desktop\dreamcast\aes4all-beta4-fix\windows\convertneo\mslug3.aes'.




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Ian Micheal
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Re: Metal slug aes4all

Post#12 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:24 am

There is no pre file for this. Still could be romset error this works on the same emulator aes4all is based on this game Might take updating aes4all and porting some code over. Romrc can be modded to add games Like it said. I dont have the correct romset for its

The Thing is yours is geting to the bios screen mine does not ever.... so your romset is geting more far then mine.
We need to use this ... /gngeo.dat or romsets
pc code aes4all is based on for that part. can build a linux and windows. frontend linux front end ... 0.8.tar.gz Latest src from 2013 after chui project ... c4.tar.bz2 has AES source code.
This not my project but it is possible to port the code back to dc version. it works on linux for that game. what i was showing was the romsc can be modded to make roms aes that people could not before. Since i dont have a working romset for even the linux version. I have seen in forums it works for linux version.

If someone wants to take it further they can I have to many of my own projects that i needed to fix.

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