RADquake 4.7 DISK2 Unique Modgame loading 20 More Games

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RADquake 4.7 DISK2 Unique Modgame loading 20 More Games

Post#1 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:26 am

As promised here is disk 2 with some of the best mods ever made

Want to know the real change between software and GL rendering here is the VS review

Software does something better still

How to use all info
New hell
It's called NewHell, and it's a single player mod with the goal in mind to make single player vanilla Quake gameplay more interesting.
Another big reason for this mod is to give Quake players who don't like fancy graphically-charged engines to experience blood splats and other decals in older, more faithful versions of the Quake engine. It features basically tons of blood/gore improvements, along with additional weapon/monster animations.

Dimension of the Past
first time on dreamcast I have mod it to work on radquake
Episode 5: Dimension of the Past (called "DOPA" for short) is an add-on episode for Quake developed by MachineGames, to commemorate the game's 20th anniversary. It's available to download for free.[1]

Despite not being developed by id Software themselves, the episode is considered semi-official, being developed by a fellow Zenimax-owned company that has previously co-operated with id Software. The episode also contains many allusions and callbacks to Quake proper, such as the re-appearance of the Dopefish easter egg, along with the final level of the episode being almost identical to Shub-Niggurath's Pit.

After shock Retail addon
The add-on consists of four main Episodes and a Starting Map. The first three consist of 4-5 levels and is considered the main campaign of the add-on. Only the third episode has a storyline. The fourth episode is very similar to Deathmatch Arena, meaning it is entirely focused on Multiplayer based levels.

Prydons gate
Modded for radquake Prydon Gate is a top down, Diablo style Action-RPG using the Quake engine. Config the controls in the menu

This is a 6 level mod set around a military encampment and the surrounding countryside, where experiments with the titular dinosaurs haven't exactly gone to plan.
4 weapons, numerous raptors and even some cut-scenes (of sorts!).

Raptors return
A 4 level mod where you play as a raptor from a 3rd person viewpoint. The aim of each level is to seek out all the human (rocket firing) soldiers and kill them. Health can be replaced by eating them too. The first 3 levels are converted Raptors! ones, the fourth an all new one.

Bulldog Stadium
A mod loosely based on the playground game of British Bulldog.
The aim for the player is to make their way across a series of stadium courses, avoiding the monsters and attempting to be both quick and avoid damage. Do both well and your score increases.

Among others just a taste
ledger for modnames TC total conversion MD mission map conversion GM graphics and animation


all info on how to use is in other topic

link to pack with winrar cdi
https://mega.nz/#!u3YFxSCa!kJvV3kP21LIo ... yRULG_n2Ko
Ps Your path of destruction and Open Quartz you need a keyboard to Press (ESC) to play

Game 19 and 20 are blank you find out what there are :)

Ps my fav ive been playing quiet a bit is called FINAL DESCENT really hard but it's a nice TC with intro and good levels i rate it better then standard quake after level 2 it's pretty fantasic

descent.zip - (The Final) Descent
Episode with 9 medium to large maps (including a secret map) in varying styles - Base/Wizard/Metal - with many caverns and fortesses, and a few new monsters.
Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating: 4.3/5 with 26 ratings

Stick with it and you have fun :) plays perfect.

Some news now working on modding a version with max engine limts and ram for new mods


Code: Select all

max system bytes =   12798376
system bytes     =   12798376
in use bytes     =   12545552PackFile: /cd/quake/id1/pak0.pak : gfx/palette.lmp
PackFile: /cd/quake/id1/pak0.pak : gfx/colormap.lmp
CD Audio Initialized.
512k surface cache

New Unrealesed yet also 1024 meg surface cache faster again framerate No more ram warning grafix on levels
Thats max we can get before it will not even boot

Code: Select all

max system bytes =   13129384
system bytes     =   13129384
in use bytes     =   12892472

Code: Select all

Exe: 23:28:48 Sep  8 2019
10.0 megabyte heap
PackFile: /cd/quake/id1/pak0.pak : gfx/palette.lmp
PackFile: /cd/quake/id1/pak0.pak : gfx/colormap.lmp
CD Audio Initialized.
1024k surface cache

Also using max sound memory
MAX_EDICTS changed no more 600 limt

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