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Re: Homebrew menu tutorial

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 4:45 am
by SMiTH
are you using A6 00 for 0 LBA?
are you launching the .iso with dreamshell? using sd card?
if you edited the lba to 0, it doesn't work all the time.
i think out of half the ntsc/u dc game library that i have made sd isos for using 0 lba, i might have 40 working isos. i haven't gone through all the games yet. as far as using ginsu with dreamshell i don't think it will boot any of these mods. maybe i am wrong but everytime i see a ginsu ini file in a retail game that i am wanting to create an sd iso for...i remove ginsu ini entries completely and then bypass any loader then boot the main game binary instead. but this defeats the purpose if you are trying to create a multidisk.
tl:dr you are correct that 0 lba might not work.

Re: Homebrew menu tutorial

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 4:53 am
by Ian Micheal
All boot loaders do a disk check that's not supported on dreamshell.. Megavolt told me as such.. If the katana loader checks the disk or reloads the file system while being booted on dreamshell it just reboot.. it should thou boot the first linked bin which would be the loader it's self.. I say it reboots because it cant find the ini since disk reload check does not work on dreamshell.. Now this should work on gdemu or a cdr

I dont know how any multi loader would work with standard dreamshell since it disk not let disk check reload after the main bin has booted

Re: Homebrew menu tutorial

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 4:57 am
by SMiTH
thats the info i was looking for ty ian.
wait a minute though..would a 0 lba iso work off cdr?
it shouldn't work though considering the mil cd exploit.
more than likely it would need utopia to boot.

it would be a non selfboot iso at 0 lba?
idk? i wonder if it would be possible to add utopia bin to the disk then somehow it searches for 1st read from the same session.
then you could make a 0 lba iso that has utopia bin on same disk and have it selfboot LOL. doubt that works though..

if any1 wants to test i extracted utopia bin and edited lba to 0
try adding it to a 0 lba iso and when binhacking ip bin be sure to point it to the utopia bin, then rename your main bin you are trying to boot to 1st_read.bin. see if it is possible to create a 0 lba selfboot utopia disk lol

honestly utopia at 0 lba shouldn't work either off cdr.
basically any iso would need be at 11702 or 45000. (to boot from cd-r) but i could be wrong..i'm not trying to claim i know everything..
either way maybe some1 wants to edit utopia to boot other bins for the heck of it?
i had utopia already working in dreamapp if you want to use it for anything just edit lba to whatever.

i don't even know if i will ever get around to completing the dreamapp iso cause everyday is more bullshit getting in the way from me working on it..but maybe someday? the main thing that is frustrating about it is that i have given up on getting dc-x or dc-ie working and half way giving up on getting codebreaker or action replay working without glitches. so the entire project might be a waste of time, although i have most of it done already. hell if i know?


Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:31 am
by Ripfire

Re: Homebrew menu tutorial

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:39 am
by SMiTH
ripfire you can get it to work

edit in bo1.bin and each bor bin on your compilation disk...
5c 2e is 11702 lba

Re: Homebrew menu tutorial

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:50 am
by Ian Micheal
You can see the fs_iso disc change detect i'm talking about


Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:44 pm
by Ripfire

Re: Homebrew menu tutorial

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 7:01 pm
by SMiTH
Ripfire wrote:So far I understand it, but where should I edit? :|

tl;dr where 5c 2e is edit to whatever LBA you want.

depending on what you want the lba to be at. where 5c 2e is 8 spots from left of CD00 this is for 11702 LBA.
if you want 45000 lba it is 6e b0 for 0 lba it is a6 00. but you could edit it to whatever you wanted. lets say you are adding cdda to an iso you would need to know what the first session audio ending sector is. then you would edit the second session lba to that. or if you are making some disk with bleem and retail games together would do same thing. i always zero out any hex after the lba unless it is in MAIGO bin or similar because it has odd hex after the LBA..basically anytime you find cd00 in a bin file 90 percent of the time you can edit lba, i say 90 percent of the time because sometimes bins have cd00 listed and it is not related to anything but what seems to be when the image itself was created..if you view a bin in hex editor and it lists cd00 multiple times usually this is a bin that you cant edit follow this method if you see cd00 and it only appears once, always go 8 spots from left of cd00 and edit lba to whatever you want.

*if you're making an audio/data 11702 or 45000 data/data iso then you choose to edit all lba's in each bin where cd00 can be found to the type of iso you want to make..


if you were using this script you would edit LBA 8 spots from left of cd00 to 5c 2e (11702)
mkisofs -C 0,11702 -V DREAMAPP -G ip.bin -r -J -l -hide 0.0 -o data.iso data

if you are using bootdreams then edit to 11702 (5c 2e)

Common LBA's used for dc isos (not custom stuff i.e cdda, multidisks, etc.):
5C 2E (11702) <--audio/data
6E B0 (45000) <--data/data
A6 00 (0) <--sd isos


Common Protections you might try to edit if game does not boot:

Change CD E4 43 6A TO 09 00 09 00

Change 10 32 0D 8B TO 08 00 0D 8B

Change 5E B0 00 00 TO 96 00 00 00


Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:29 pm
by Ripfire

Re: Homebrew menu tutorial

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:15 am
by Ian Micheal
Old openbor does not do disk check it does not use the same toolkit or system calls Why if you seen before i had to make a loader

Use this hexedit it from loading rad.bin to each bor bin

Use this to boot the bor bins so menu this then then bor bin hexedit each you must unscamble this to use it to boot the bor bins..

It's a kos bin loader i wrote that loads my openbor update i did..

>-- menu--->this Unscrambled hex edit from rad.bin>--bor1.bin etc direct booting of the bor bin might not work since i did not included the system calls in it\

This boots the rad.bin setsup systemcalls to boot