Battle Flip Shot NEW AES conversion to Dreamneo download and video

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Battle Flip Shot NEW AES conversion to Dreamneo download and video

Post#1 » Fri May 15, 2020 9:34 am

Brandnew conversion by me for dreamneo cd 1.5 was AES arcade rom now neogeo cd iso
This build only works this game
Video demo on hardware

full review of this cool game thats Kinda like windjammers that i enjoy more :) ... o-geo-aes/

Conclusion: Battle Flip Shot is an amazingly addictive, fast-paced game. It is reminiscent of another Neo Geo AES game I reviewed, Flying Power Disc, although unlike that game, their isn’t as much diversity between characters in Battle Flip Shot. However, compared to Flying Power Disc, I prefer Battle Flip Shot – it’s simply more frantic and ‘non-stop.’ Playing with 2 players is great fun as well, and two players CAN pick the same character, by the way. The challenge of the game can be frustrating at first, but rewarding once you figure out how to play. Trying to beat the game with only the allowed 4 Credits is perfect, and will take time as you perfect your skills.

Winning Quotes: One of the funniest aspects of the game is the ‘winning quotes’ your character delivers after finishing off an opponent. Each character has a specific quote that he or she directs at the other characters (with the exception of the final boss). Many of the quotes make absolutely no sense or have grammatical errors. Here are some of my favorites: (Bloody Wolf after beating Mr. Justice) “Zcup bomber killed you.” (Chinta Nemoto after beating Siren) “Do not call me a monkey.” (Saimon after beating Chinta Nemoto) “If you don’t give back the money you stole, I’ll stick Mukyu in your mouth.” *For the record, mukyu is Saimon’s little green ‘pet’ that is always with him – but that quote is hilarious. (Mr. Justice after beating Saimon) “I am not sure what happened but you are under arrest.”

Selfboot cdi ... pBcklB36bg

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